6 Trends In A Teacup For This Season

Ahvanya Sharma | April 11, 2017 15:34 IST

As an Indian, you know what is a really intrinsic part of our culture? Tea! Yes, we Indians love drinking chai, be it in the winters or even in hot weather. Did you know, hot tea triggers the body's natural cooling reflexes and actually helps bring down the body temperature?

Tea production in India dates back to 1920 and today we are one of the largest producers of tea, although 70% of it is consumed within India itself!

Just like everything else in the world, Chai has undergone many makeovers and the latest being experimenting with chai. Chai Bars in India have taken the meaning of tea to a whole new level where you can taste a whole new world of tea.

Here are 6 types of teas that you should definitely try in New Delhi this season!


1. Kaala Khatta Iced Tea
is equivalent to the much loved kaala khatta chuski we Delhites adore. At Chaayos you're sure to find some real trendsetters that range from summer coolers to the traditional Kuladh chai.

2. Aurora Blush is an iced tea that tells you how you're going to feel just by its name. A concoction of green tea, hibiscus, cockscomb and orange peel, this exhilarating drink is hundred percent natural and its light red colour is sure to make you blush.

3. Aam Panna Iced Tea is another refreshing drink that is a take on the classic Indian drink. Tangy, sweet and refreshing, this drink will leave you wanting more. So head to Chaayos to beat the heat this season to try a few rejuvenating drinks.


4. Find Your Passion  is a Tisane, which are teas made with infusion of flowers and herbs but do not contain any tea at all. This modern infusion has a tinge of cinnamon, cardamom and hibiscus, which gives it a vibrant red colour. Sip on this after a long tiring day and you'll soon find your passion in teas.



5. Pinewood Smoked is a stimulating hot tea that is calling your name if you're in the mood for something exotic. The specialty being that it is smoked with pinewood for 48 hours at a particular stage of processing and the final product leaves your taste buds smoking cool.



6. Firdaus , meaning heavenly is a tea named keeping Kashmir in mind. It releases flavours of saffron, cardamoms, cockscomb and leaves you in a magical world with your palate wanting more.



So head of to Anandini, the Himalaya Tea room tucked away in Shahpurjat New Delhi to experiment with your taste buds.


This summer, try some new tea. Iced or smoking hot, this is one drink that will cool you no matter the temperature.



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