6 Unexpected Things That Happen With The Onset Of Spring

Bhavya Jha | February 16, 2017 12:01 IST

Ash grey to golds of green, the spring season brings with itself a plethora of changes. The cold lazy days are followed by fresh winds that rejuvenate us. But we often get so caught up in the new and fresh vibes that we try to rush into the season ignoring all the aspects of it. We call it the "transition phase", which if not traversed through carefully can lead to many unexpected everyday problems that can trouble us beyond imagination.

Here are six such lesser noticed situations that we are caught in every time with the onset of spring and ways you can deal with it.

1. Ruff And Stiff Hair
We suddenly experience a change in our hair texture just as spring begins. It becomes parched and taut even when we continue to use the same products as a few weeks ago. Aside from the increased humidity, this sudden change can be attributed to the pollen in the air that sticks to our hair gel, mouse or serum, leaving it absolutely stiff and greasy. Use as few products as possible and wash your hair regularly to remove the undesirable tag-along particles from your locks.

2. Cold Wind Or Warm Sun?
As winter ends and we step into the fresh season of spring we want to shed off those extra layers and sometimes rush too fast while doing so. We step out thinking it's warm and pleasant and often don't notice the cold winds complementing the warm sun rays. This is when we are most likely to fall victim to the seasonal flu and cold. You can avoid it by wear thin overlays instead of the warm jackets or always keeping an extra layer handy while going out.

3. Indoor Allergy
Be it the increased humidity, over watered plants or restarting using ceiling fans, you never know what triggers an allergy as we enter the spring season. And we are specifically talking about the indoor allergies here! While rising humidity brings along dust mites, indoor gardens get mold and mildew ridden, any of which can trigger serious snuffling and sneezing. Don't skip your spring cleaning routine as your surroundings are no more the same as the previous season.

4. Increased Difficulty Planning a Workout Schedule
We start to plan our workout schedule even before spring begins. Call it the guilt of being lazy all through the winters or the energy that spring brings with itself! We pre-assume that we'll follow the strict schedule and get back in shape by shedding off all that we've gained over the past few months. Have we not done that before after all? What we forget is we get extremely out of practice during the lazy winter season and falling back in the same schedule is more difficult than ever. Start afresh and don't suddenly go for rigorous workouts when you're restarting and you'll be just fine in a matter of a few days.


5. Waking Up With A Stuffed Nose
Most of us can't step out without a morning shower all through the year. But as spring begins, we often find ourselves waking up with stuffed nose which lasts half a day. This is nothing but an after effect of going to bed swaddled in all the pollen and mold that our clothes, skin and hair collects all through the day. We can do away with this sudden problem by bathing at night instead of morning. If you're one of those who can't function without a morning shower, consider cleaning your face, hands, feet and eyes thoroughly before going to bed.


6. Effect Of Drinks On Health
This one goes for the people who are prone to asthma, chronic bronchitis or hay fever during a season change. The onset of spring calls for a change in our regular drinking habits as alcohol dilates the nose's blood vessels and may also offshoot a resistant response in the beginning of the season. Limit your consumption of alcohol, especially wine and beer and keep from mixing your drinks with allergy meds at all costs!

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