6 Ways To Be A Fashionably Romantic Couple

Shiralie Chaturvedi | April 18, 2017 17:19 IST

When you see Bollywood and Hollywood couples looking spectacular and fabulous in their immaculate outfits, admit it all of you wish it was you and your partner looking that polished, in any picture that may get clicked! And sure you may never get a stylist, a makeup artist, a perfect wardrobe but you can definitely can make an effort of taking that one step towards being a sartorial power couple! And that's what we will help you out with!

Here are five tips that you and your partner can emulate and look dressed to the nines!

1. Flannel  
The easiest way to dress up as a coordinated couple without looking like perfect slobs. Pair your flannel shirts with simple tees, denim, and Chelsea boots -trust us this lumberjack chic look will totally be as flattering on a boy as well as a girl!


2. Denim
The evergreen, ever perfect denim hardly goes wrong. It's casual but it can be fashioned in wonderful ways especially if you are going for a matchy-matchy look. Best to accessorize it with some chinos for men, and a nice floral skirt for women. The two of you, in this, will be the talk of town.


3. Summer Hues 
Khaki shorts, sundresses, loose shirts, cabana bags, and to top all this off with summertime footwear! Summer colours are refreshing and breathable, plus you both would look coordinated without really trying that hard. It's super casual, super wearable and super cute!


4. Accessories
A low-key way of dressing alike but not being overt with it? Same accessories! Whether it's matching hats, backpacks or watches, this style statement is minimal but also super romantic because both of you still made a conscious effort to looking a little similar but still maintaining individual outfit character.


5. Hipster 
So this will take a LOT of effort because you will need to bring out your most creative and fashionable side out. Skinny jeans and suspenders for him -skorts and crop top for her. It's very trendy, it's quite comfortable, they are all in monotones and the subtle colour coordination goes a long way in establishing you and your partner as a fashionably romantic couple!



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