6 Ways To Include Colour In Your Diet To Stay Healthy

Ahvanya Sharma | March 14, 2017 17:59 IST

Have you ever asked yourself, 'what colour is my diet'? Well it's not a normal question to ask; but in this day and age where we all prefer quick, easy, processed foods we need to make a conscious effort to add fresh foods into our diet.

Lucky for us humans we can see the colours of the rainbow, taste and touch the natural pigment that manifest itself into natural foods. The goodness and richness of these foods are so beneficial to our health that they are referred to as 'superfoods'. Adding colour to your diet not only makes your plate pop, but leaves you feeling happier, healthier and fitter.

Now, get ready to add colour into your life for which we will give you super healthy tips.

1. Berry Bowl
Berries keep your brain nimble and increase blood flow to the brain making your memory sharp so start eating them to remember this! The addition of these colours to your diet helps fight cancer keeping your heart healthy and are good for weight loss.

Dish to try: Take a bowl of Greek yogurt, add a handful of oats or muesli/granola, and toss any and all berries or fruits you have in your fridge - voila you have a hearty breakfast dish. For something savory, mix together roasted beets, feta and spring onions for a light flavor packed light salad.


2. Colour Me Red
Lycopene, a photochemical in watermelons and tomatoes protect you against risk of heart disease and breast cancer. Incorporating red onions, radishes and red bell peppers to your dinner is a good way to protect yourself from illnesses! Make cranberries, strawberries and red grapes your favourite fruits to snack on and you're half way there.

Dish to try: Try a tropical tomato salsa with fresh cucumber for a light snack or a roasted tomato tart for something more filling. If you enjoy having a glass of wine with your dinner, make sure it's red because resveratrol grapes used to make red wine may help treat lung diseases and asthma.

tomato puree

3. Annoying Orange
Ever wonder why Bugs Bunny ate so many carrots? Well, it's all thanks to the healthy Vitamin A present in all orange foods that keep your eyes, bones and immunity system healthy. So don't stop eating those carrots and oranges because you'll be grateful for being able to watch Bugs Bunny with your eye sight intact when you're all about 80 years old!

Dish to try: If you like potatoes, I suggest you substitute white potatoes with sweet potatoes and whip up a dreamy sweet potato casserole for dinner. The goodness of oranges, apricots, pumpkin, mangoes, papaya, carrots and tangerines in your diet will leave you with glowing skin for the rest of the season!

orange food

4. Yellow Mellow
Corny as it may seem, nibble on juicy yellow American corn rather than popcorn the next time you go watch a movie in the theatre. We all know Vitamin C is the cure to a common cold and keeps the immune system healthy, eating citrus foods not only does that but fights cancer!

Dish to try: Pan fried fish marinated in lemon and garlic butter along with pumpkin squash, yellow peppers and boiled potatoes. Add a piece of fried fish skin for crunch and garnish with spring onions or chives and drizzle with olive oil.

yellow mellow

5. Green Beans
"Eat your greens!" - This is something all of us have been told by our parents but never really took that seriously. Eating "your greens" has numerous benefits like keeping your eyesight powerful and boosting the production of enzymes that clear toxins from the body and prevent cancer.

Dish to try: Replace iceberg lettuce in your salads with spinach or kale and top it up with avocado or add kiwi if you prefer some sweet elements in your salads. In case you're not a salad person, you can always have mixed stir fry vegetables; broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, beans with any protein of your choice, ie. Chicken or tuna and there you have it, a flavour packed hearty dish.


6. White A Slight
White foods sound bizarre on their own but they are a plentiful healthy for you! Bananas, mushroom, pears, cauliflower, onions, garlic, they're all white and we are pretty sure you're already eating most of them. Allicin, a compound found in onion and garlic prevents the growth of tumors in your body. So even if your partner hates it when you eat raw onions before bed, go ahead, don't stop because you're going to be tumor fee. Like most natural foods, white fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of heart disease and most cancers.

Dish to try: Replace cauliflower for potatoes!! You can come up with an innovative roast chicken and cauliflower puree or a baked cauliflower dish or even cauliflower in your pizza!



These are all the colours a healthy diet should include but it's not always possible to follow a super healthy diet because at the end of the day, we're just human and most of us to tend to fall off the wagon. They key to living your life healthily is to do everything in moderation. If you want to gorge on greasy burgers on a Saturday, do it, but then compromise by eating a salad for Sunday dinner. Your diet might already include most of these colours but just try and make sure you're eating fresh instead of processed foods and you're sure to live a healthier and prosperous life. After all, colours are the smile of nature.

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