6 Ways To Plan Your Travel To Switzerland On A Small Budget

Ahvanya Sharma | September 05, 2016 15:48 IST

Taking a trip to the exotic and beautiful land of Europe could make a hole in your wallet if you're not a smart traveller. Due to the short distance, traveling to places like France, Italy and Hungary has become a hotspot for many Indians, but it is Switzerland that takes the budget through the roof. It is rated the most expensive country to visit in the world! But don't worry; here are 6 innovative ways to cut your travelling cost.

1. Travel by Train
Transportation in Switzerland is a very costly affair, but its railway system extensively connects even the remotest villages in the country. You can travel from Zurich to the city of Geneva, which is on the other side in just 2 hours 46 minutes! (That information is very accurate and very Swiss! They do not believe in approximations)

Did you know that it takes a maximum of 5 hours to cover the longest distance in Switzerland!

2. Buy a Swiss Travel Pass
Buying a Swiss pass will help you more than you can imagine. With just a click of a button, you can buy one for a good amount of money, but its benefits are amazing. Other than the fact that your public transportation, namely trains, buses, boats will be free of cost, you can add your museum visits to that list.

You can avail the amazing discounts of 50% reduction on most mountain railways and cable cars and free admission to more than 490 museums!! So don't forget to buy that Swiss pass.

3. Street food
Think of Italy and you think of gelato, say Germany and you picture Bratwurst and not to forget the delicious French crepes. These are the three regions that surround Switzerland and their distinct cultures can be found in this melting pot, making it a haven for delicious food. But this doesn't make it the cheapest place to try some delicacies.

Whether you're having a pint of beer or ordering a cheese fondue, the Swiss are sticklers for quality of produce and will serve you the finest food at sizzling prices.

Opting for a local market to buy fresh produce and cooking your own meals is the cheapest option. If you're travelling solo and you're not big on cooking, you can survive on the delicious street food, namely Bratwurst, Bretzels (AKA pretzels) and finish your day with some fine gelato ice cream.

4. Choose Hostels over Hotels
The best way to experience a place is to go there and live in a hostel. In Europe, there are always a bunch of travellers who need cheap places to stay; you would know if you've seen 'Queen', that hostels can be a lot of fun!

To be fully prepared, you can research about a few and check for availability before starting your voyage. And to assure you, youth hostels in Switzerland are safe, Govt. certified, clean and cheap, and the best part is that you'll meet tons of travellers from all over the world!

Some top rated hostels are: Zurich Youth Hostel, City Hostel Geneva and Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof - Hostel Interlaken.

5. Travel Off-Season
Switzerland is stunning no matter what time of the year you go, especially off-season because it'll just be you, and the Alps. The cheapest time to go is when the skiing season ends and before the summer season starts, which is mid April and May, or before the winter season starts, which is mid October up till mid December.

Nevertheless, there are always a bunch of activities to enjoy in such a beautiful place. You can go for hikes, pack your picnic basket and take strolls by the crystal blue lakes. Adventure sports like bungee jumping; sky diving and water sports would still be available to you in the months of April and May. To take in the serene beauty of this place, take a short trip mid September when the season is off, the weather is good and you get the Alps all to yourself.

6. Go Camping
To be fair, camping is highly underrated and not many people opt for it. But Switzerland is spotted with infinite camping sights just waiting to be occupied. Wild camping is prohibited but the campsites located around the mountains not only provide place for your tents but also offer rentals like small chalets and mobile homes.

Being on a tight budget, make sure to carry camping gear, some packaged food and warm blankets for your night out in the wild. Take in the view of the Alpines, breath in the crisp, fresh air and soak up the liquid sunshine pouring down from the bright, blue sky.

So get crazy, get creative, but don't let anything stop you from visiting the country of the Alpine wonder.

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