6 Ways To Usher In New Perspective This Diwali

Shiralie Chaturvedi | October 12, 2017 17:51 IST

Diwali is a time when we combine events otherwise spanned across a year, and evolve alongside our surroundings. It's time to purge, clean, reorganize! But not just your wardrobe, your home, your room, but also your mind! We tell you 6 easy ways to breathe in absolute positive and calming thoughts this Diwali!

1. Shed Materialism 
Diwali is actually a great time to understand the power and prowess of materialism. Sure it's the perfect time to really indulge in materialism but it's better to deny yourself the unabashed indulgence. Understand that a festival that celebrates light, and truth, and homecoming has very little to do with gifts. Once you can internalize the idea of shedding materialism on a festival that is commercially driven, at best -you can put it to practice in the very dailies of your life!


2. Illuminate Your Soul 
Take the time to brighten your spirit. Give no space to negativity, even if it begs and grovels at your doorstep. You can't enjoy all the lights around you if you feel darkness within. Whatever it is that bothers you, break it, and take a deep breath!


3. Don't Let External Dimness Bring You Down
How long can you take the burden of someone else's mistakes? We understand that celebrating oneness and unity in harmony is what is so special about festivals, but if there is someone who is one-dimensional and robbing you off a chance at true serenity because of their shortcomings, rip the chord.


4. Clean Your Surroundings
Sure your fans and your windows are clean. Sure you spent hours cleaning every nook of your home; but how clean is the aura around you? Are you bereft of thoughts that are unbecoming? If not, start with that. External dirt is only a manifestation of your inner confusion and it's a longer process to clean the latter, so start now!


5. Breathe In Fresh Ideas 
Take the time off from your schedule to be a new you at the start of the new year! It's always daunting to usher in change, but give space to them because just like your wardrobe or your office desk needs new things and knick knacks, so does your mind!


6. Bedazzle With Your Politeness 
This is most important! Don't be rude; don't be callous. The brightest light in the entire world is a smile, which is effervescent with its politeness. So during the festive season achieve all the answers to the problems of the world with some kindness!


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