6 Ways You Can Have A Great First Conversation With Someone

Bhavya Jha | April 20, 2017 16:17 IST

Conversation is a skill, and an acquired one, at that. Some people are born conversationalists, but the good news is it's something you can learn if practiced regularly. You need to start by being open to a conversation and give your shy self some rest. If you remember these simple tips and tricks you can enhance the quality of all your conversations and leave the other person craving for some more.

1. Initiate with a Question
Questions are a great ice breaker and conversation starters. You can ask the other person a question as simple as 'how have you been' and take it from there. Keep it open ended so your conversation doesn't end as soon as it starts.

2. Show Interest
Listen. Really listen. Don't ask a question and wait for them to finish answering so that you can begin talking. Interest also shows in your body language when you lean towards the person rather than sitting back. Let them talk, grasp the points and don't interrupt if you really wish for the conversation to last longer.


3. Remember It's A Two-Way Thing
It's a conversation more than an interrogation or a chance to sell yourself. If you wish to ask questions, do it without sounding like a creepy person. Talk about yourself as well, but refrain from boasting too much. Agree emphatically, and disagree sensitively to keep the conversation healthy.


4. Find A Common Ground
Always try to find a common ground of interest and build around that. Getting a person to talk about their interests gets them excited and involved in the conversation. It's even better when it's something that excites both of you. You've hit the bull's eye with this!

5. Take The other Person's Name
Making it a little personalized is always better than a generic conversation. And the easiest way to do that is take the person's name. You can start the conversation with the question preceded or followed by their name and use it a couple of times amidst the conversation as well.

6. Compliment, Don't Try To Flatter
There's a very thin line between complimenting someone and being a typical people pleaser. Keep your compliments light and casual, ideally followed by another generic sentence. You can say, 'I like your earrings, are they from that XYZ shop' or 'I like the way you think, I wonder what books you read/ shows you watch. Could you suggest so

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