7 Bizarre Halwas You Need To Try Now

Udita Jain | April 05, 2017 12:07 IST

Who doesn't love halwas? It's a traditional Indian sweet dish and no one can define the immense joy one feels when being offered gajjar ka halwa, mong dal halwa or suji ka halwa! But, what if these halwas were not so traditional, would you still want to dig in? Here's a list some completely unheard of halwas which every real foodie must try!

1) Aloe Vera ka Halwa

Aloe Vera is known to be good for your skin and hair but who knew that you could make halwa out of it? Sounds odd, doesn't it? Commonly known as gheekawar ka halwa its made with aloe vera, cooked in pure ghee and topped with dry fruits.



2) Gosht ka Halwa
For all you meat lovers, your wish has been granted! Now you can enjoy meat in a sweet dish too! Made with minced lamb, this halwa is slowly cooked with saffron, cardamom, milk and desi ghee. One spoon and you will surely crave for more.


3) Kali Gajjar ka Halwa
This is a Banaras delicacy enjoyed with sweetened yogurt and some chopped walnuts. So, next time when you are bored with the same old gajjar ka halwa, try switching over to this delicious dish.


4) Onion ka Halwa
As unconventional as it sounds this halwa is cooked thoroughly so as to overcome the abominable smell of onions. Next time you have some onions lying over in your kitchen instead of putting it in a curry try making a halwa out of it.


5) Hare Channe ka Halwa
Who would have thought that you could have a mouthwatering yet super healthy halwa made out of green chickpeas? Served with finely chopped dry fruits like almonds, cashew and walnuts, this is a sweet treat for your mouth without hampering your health.



6) Haldi ka Halwa
Ginger (adrak) and turmeric (haldi) ka halwa is a traditional dish made in winters, especially on Makkar Sakranti. A lesser known Indian delicacy, the chilly weather makes for the perfect time to relish this sweet delight!


7) Karuth Halwa
A specialty from Kerala, karutha halwa is a delicacy enjoyed on special occasions and pujars. Unlike other halwas this is made of jaggery (gur) and is a black colored sweet dish made in a vessel called the 'Uruli'.

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