Bollywood Inspired Looks For This Festive Season

Shiralie Chaturvedi | October 28, 2016 10:23 IST

Haven't we all spent hours glossing over magazines, and videos of our favourite Bollywood actresses wishing we looked like them? And because that's not readily possible, alternatively wishing we could emulate their style. Amongst all the other things that Bollywood does in a grandiose way, the opulent way our female actors dress up is on the top! And no better time than festivals, to let your internal diva come out and stun everyone around!

So, of course we have noted down the best looks from Bollywood which can totally make you feel glamorous, traditional, and spiffy!

1.  Bajirao Mastani - Deepika Padukone
White, baby blue, grey, black aren't the ideal colours which come to your mind when you look at weddings and festivals. They are light, they don't emanate blingy glitter, and let's be honest no one usually wants to wear these colours! However, if you balance the lightness out of these monochromes with exquisite jewellery, it can be an absolutely perfect look, just like Deepika's Mastani in her white lehengas and exquisite fine jewels. 

2.  Umrao Jaan - Aishwarya Rai
Clearly we have always sought out to underestimate the power of jewellery; and it is absolutely staggering. If you want to wear a simple silk suit, or even a plain silk saree you can always invest in dollops of cocktail jewellery. Well ok, maybe not exactly the level of dollops as adorned by Aishwarya's character Umrao, but somewhere around that. People won't even look beyond your face to recognize your plain Jane outfit.

3.  Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo - Sonam Kapoor
Fashion and Sonam Kapoor are essentially twins; the two have an inimitable connection. Intuitive, structured, and speaking volumes her style both off screen and on screen is stuff of legends. Even though her sartorial sense is a class above mostly with respect to western outfits, her traditional dressing is equally wonderful. Such as the case in the Barjatya saga, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. Chiffon sarees in pastel, and diamond jewellery was all adorned off perfectly well by her! It's a fairly easy look to carry off, so long you stay simple and minimal.

4.  Zubeida - Karishma Kapoor
This is for those who love some vintage flair to their look. Retro hairstyles, sarees pinned with brooches -lots of feminine silhouettes were some looks which made Zubeida such a fashion hit. Raid your mum or your grand-mum's closet, pair some contemporary pieces with an old-fashioned classic piece and you will definitely stand out at any family party there may be! 

5. Two States - Alia Bhatt
Now there are some of you who don't want to particularly look like the festival yourself, all the while maintaining some bits of ornate dressing. This is when silk brocades, elaborate dupattas, chanderis and kanjeevarams come into the scene. Wear minimal jewellery, stock up some reds in your favourite heavy fabric and be good to go! 

6. Dil toh Pagal Hai - Madhuri Dixit
Ok we had to put this up here. This movie was revolutionary in terms of fashion in Bollywood. Be it the athleisure that Karishma Kapoor sported, or the casual salwar suits that Madhuri brought up. However, our personal favourite are the monochrome chiffon lehengas that are exquisite in structure and absolutely minimal but absolutely perfect for festivities! 
7.  Kurbaan - Kareena Kapoor
What if you don't want to dress up as any of the above? No ornate jewels, no opulent fabrics but just a simple angarkha or anarkali with palazzos? No worries! Just pick up your favourite colour outfit, pair it up with some ethnic silver jewellery and you have a whiff of some modernity, and some fusion! It's an easy look to emulate and comfortable too!

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