7 Bollywood Moments That Made Us Cry Tears of Joy

Shiralie Chaturvedi | September 12, 2017 11:16 IST

Tears of joy are an interesting concept; one observes vulnerability and expression of sorts usually reserved for sadness. But here the tears flow because of sheer happiness. And Bollywood has delivered many moments in all these decades that completely got us misty-eyed simply because we were overjoyed. So here are some of the most sincere moments from Bollywood movies that make us bawl every single time.

1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
When Shahrukh Khan realizes that Hrithik Roshan is his brother, and the two share a hug. Heartstrings were never tugged at this severely!


2. Dangal
When Geeta Phogat wins the Gold! From battling patriarchy to complacence to politics, this athelete survived it all, and how!


3. Two States
When Krish and his father Vikram share a hug at the former's wedding! After years of an absolute cold war between the son and the father, all seems to get under a thaw and solved at Krish's wedding!


4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
When Munni yells out to Bajrangi after reuniting with her family! This scene could turn even the biggest cynic to a puddle of salty tears.


5. Baghban
When Raj Malhotra gives it back to his thankless children! We have no qualms in admitting that it made us very happy to see the complete horror on the face of his children! Plus who could avoid crying at that speech?!



6. Veer Zaara
 When Veer and Zaara reunite at the very end of the movie spelt couple goals before it was even a thing. The moment when they relive each other's love over the years and finally have a chance to be together. Those was some seriously tear-jerker cinematic moments.


7. English Vinglish
After being ridiculed by her daughter relentlessly and patronized by her husband, Shashi finally gets her independence, her ambition, her sincerity its due! In a powerful speech she shuts down her inhibitions, which instead of getting alleviated by her family, were just indulged in by them. Not a dry eye after this moment.


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