7 Dangerous Vacation Destinations That'll Leave You Shocked

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | August 02, 2017 12:31 IST

You may want to think twice before going on vacation to the locations mentioned!

Little did you know that these popular travel sites had dark sides. Taking in to account the violence, mafia mayhem and the frequency of natural disasters that occur, these 7 destinations have made the "Dangerous Vacation Destinations" list. Better take caution as we start this journey:

1. The Grand Canyon, USA
The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited attractions in the world with some 5 million people flocking to see this natural wonder every year. While the sights are beautiful and the landforms are breathtaking, the Grand Canyon has taken lives. In fact, since the 1870's, around 600 people have died there. You might think most of these accidents that happened on ground or drowning incidents, but the biggest disaster occurred when a tourist plane collided with a commercial aircraft, killing 128 people. That's right, freak accidents can happen. So take caution!


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2. The Outback, Australia
Who'd have thought that a location from Australia would make this list! There's nothing more Australian like the Outback. It makes for a great tourist destination and is known for its rare wilderness and picturesque landscapes, but wilderness can be the very thing that can harm you!

Not a fan of snakes or crocodiles? Well, you better have you invisible armor on because they might spring at you! Don't want to end up like the folks from the movie "Black Water"!

Also, the weather conditions during summer can get so extreme that people have died due to exposure. You're going to need SPF Miracle to survive this holiday.

3. Guatemala City, Guatemala
With its yearlong pleasant climate and its colorful history, Guatemala City is the perfect destination for those seeking to avoid the crowds of other such destinations.

However, visiting this place won't be easy for any tourist as it is a city, plagued with drug violence and has an extremely high crime rate. It is also a disaster prone area. Earthquakes like the 7.5 magnitude one in 1976 and mudslides and hurricanes (like back in 2005) are very common occurrences here. Suffice to say, you can have fun, but not too much fun. Don't get carried away!

4. Mount Washington, USA
Are you a fan of hiking? Or skiing? Well, Mount Washington; being the highest peak in northeastern USA and laden with exciting trails; seems like an ideal destination for you.


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Sorry to burst your bubble but it is also one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. The erratic weather on the mountain is very fickle and can catch hikers off-guard. There have been several unfortunate incidents since the 19th century. Hence, don't risk it. Be prepared for all type of weather conditions if you're planning to bet on your life on this hike!


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5. Cape Town, South Africa
It's known as the Cape of Good Hope. And we bet it's on everyone's bucket list to visit the place where Noah left his Ark. Its stunning beaches and natural landscapes make it the most popular tourist destination in South Africa.

However, it's staggering poverty and high crime rate makes it dangerous as well. Registering around 2,500 homicides in 2015 alone, this is one of the top ten most violence-laden places in world. Not a top-ten you'd want to make. So avoid roaming the streets in the night and travelling alone.

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The host of the 2016 Summer Olympics is certainly beautiful, hence attracting tourist galore.


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But it is also a dangerous place for tourists who travel alone or are not cautious. Petty crimes like theft and robbery take place in broad daylight. Besides, the poor water quality and the risk of the Zika virus has made is a pandemic hell for tourists. So take cautions and always be surrounded by people you know! And beware of extremely crowded area!


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7. Naples, Italy
One of the oldest cities in the world, Naples is rich in culture and age-old architecture. So the photographer in you is sure to have a good run.


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However, Naples, also being one of the poorest cities in Europe, has convinced tourists otherwise. Crime rate is fairly high, especially organized crime! This has led to the Mafia taking hold of the city and using it as dumping grounds for industrial ad nuclear waste.



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The location of the city between two volcanos, one of which was said to recently have become active (Mt. Vesuvius), make it all the more vulnerable and prone to disasters. You might want to think several times before planning a trip to Naples. Frankly, it's not worth the trouble!



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Still want to visit these places?


Or are you already reconsidering? Well, don't chicken out! Just take the right pre-cautions and travel with company sans illicit motives. You'll be just fine!


That's the spirit!

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