7 Excuses To Eat Like There Is No Tomorrow

Shiralie Chaturvedi | November 25, 2016 17:18 IST

We love food. We love to eat delicious things all day long, at all times, and why shouldn't we? It's a direct shot at making us happy! But there are certain situations where you must indulge in some unabashed consumption of your favourite foods, and we tell you which ones they are exactly!

1. When You Are Too Darn Happy 
This is obviously our favourite excuse! This can range from being happy about having a good hair day - to something like having a great day at work. Celebrate it in the best way possible, which is by eating and eating and eating some more!

2. When You Are Blisteringly Angry 
Food is also a great distraction when one is angry. For a brief moment, you are taken away from the rage issues and what is left is a plate full of food! Basically you are filling a void in your heart with all the food, and it's actually not the worst idea! Well at least it's better than blasting someone's head off.

3. When You Are On A Date
The delicious food can act as a savior if your date is going downhill, i.e., the conversation is bland or your company isn't the most interesting person. Order the best food possible, and just pretend to be charmed the whole evening.

4. When You Are Nervous
Well be careful with this, because one bite too far and you are in the category of binge-eating. But the same rule as anger applies here too, while nervousness is at its peak nothing will soothe you more than eating something you really like. And if it doesn't calm you, it will definitely fill you to the point that nervousness begins to fade.

5. When You Are Vegetating
Pizza has never tasted better than when you eat it sprawled on the couch, watching really corny movies. The whole passiveness in your demeanour is as blissful as your life can be, so savour in it! And savour the pizza!

6. When You Hungry Post Midnight
This phenomenon has been entirely made popular due to pop culture. Have you ever woken up from your sleep really hungry? Well this is basically it! Pro tip? Keep some cookies or chips stashed away in your room so this entire exercise of midnight snacking becomes a tad bit easy.

7. When You Are At A Wedding
This is literally, a lot of food that is sumptuous, for which you don't have to spend even a penny! Go attend all weddings you are invited to, or even gatecrash a few -all for the love of food. It is a glorious experience especially because there is a never ending spread in front of you, literally!


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