7 Fancy Dishes Of India

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | July 25, 2017 17:45 IST

Well here's a situation for you! Are you ready to salivate on something you possibly can't afford? Or cook easily at home? Strap up. You're in for a hell of a ride with these 7 Indian dishes so fancy, it'll make you want to drop dead because either you can't afford them or you can't handle the deliciousness:

1. Honey Glazed Chilli Chicken
Like any other hybridized Indo-Chinese dish, this tri-ingredient dish has become a favourite among foodies. The combination of honey and chili, with ingredients like chicken and potato fritters, has become the epitome of Indo-Chinese starters! Well, to ramp up the health benefits and taste, why not splurge a bit and replace normal honey with the expensive and healthy Manuka honey?


2. Mushroom Curry
In the mood for some mushroom inspired dishes? Well why not go for this amazingly delicious and mouthwatering mushroom curry made from the rare and precious Matsutake mushrooms? The dish is served in the most enticing manner with all the rich flavors of the king of mushrooms. A delicacy you must try!


3. Papadum salad with Indian caviar
Caviar is perhaps one of the most expensive ingredients on this planet. Imagine an opus created using this pricy staple and a few simple Indian ingredients! Take this papadum dish for example. A fancy little dish packed with flavours of all sorts, plus caviar. The Indian spices give a new twist to the taste the caviar will carry, making it inherently Indian!

4. Roasted Quail Eggs
Also known as Kada Muttai Roast in Kerala, this dish is a southern delicacy! And since quail eggs are relatively more expensive than normal eggs, it makes the dish all the more complex and flavorful!


5. Bharwan Tandoori Sweet Potato with Black Truffle
Who would have guessed that sweet potato and truffle make the ideal, fancy pair for an overall rich and sophisticated dish! This fancy dish contains roasted sweet potato, with paneer bhurji, fried cashew sauce and ofcourse, black truffle with some smoked paneer kulcha. YUM!

6. Matcha Green Tea-infused Chole Masala
This might seem odd to all you tea lovers and chole lovers. As you know, tea and chole don't go together. However, a subtle hint of the healthy, aromatic Japanese Matcha green tea and lift up the taste and aroma of the chole dish. While making Indian curries, a potli tied with spices and tea leaves is dipped into the gravy while it cooks. This is a method that is used in many north Indian households for dishes like chole masala to add to the rich colour of the gravy and tone down the flavour of the tea.

7. Kopi Luwak Kulfi
Oh imagine the dessert version of your favorite chaat dish and a fusion of two of your most favourites desserts? Can't imagine? Well, we present to you, Chocolate samosa with coffee kulfi. Although, imagine how fancy and special this kulfi will be when it gets infused with the flavours of Indonesia's strongest, most aromatic and the most expensive coffee- Kopi Luwak. You'll never guess the origins of this special, costly of coffee! It refers to the coffee that includes part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Figured huh? The most expensive in the world comes with a disturbing origin! But, it'll be worth your money!


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