8 Hashtags That Empowered Women

Kavya Banerjee | March 08, 2018 16:33 IST

Social Media if used wisely is nothing short of an endless spiral of conversation and discourse, especially giving multiple women across the world a lingering feel of community and sisterhood. All this gained even more prominence with the way we looked at the viral world, one action at a time!

1) #MeToo

The "Me Too" movement spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment especially in the workplace. What followed was the downfall of many -a Hollywood and media moguls as countless women came forward with their complaint against these men.


2) #ImWithHer

The official slogan for the 2016 Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. During her Presidential campaign, her supporters empowered their candidate under the slogan and accompanying hashtag #ImWithHer. The women for women sisterhood camaraderie that came across with this slogan was much more than just election oriented, it had to do with a movement that recognized the need for a woman leader, and the time that it happened!


3. #LahuKaLagaan

Started by the non-profit organization She Says, it was a movement to make sanitary pads tax-free. Many celebrities joined the movement by asking Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to abolish the tax on sanitary products for women from the Goods and Services Tax System. The tax on sanitary pads is 14% under GST. After-all basic necessities shouldn't be treated like luxury.


4) #HeForShe

He for She is a popular movement led by beloved Hollywood actress Emma Watson for men to become advocates for feminism. The hashtag serves for the same purpose.

The information that people share with this hashtag teaches men how they can be allies of feminists. This is a solidarity movement for gender equality that has a mission to bring men in full support of the other half and show that people are all the same.


5) #WhyIStayed/WhyILeft

#WhyIStayed is a powerful hashtag that was first used by writer Beverly Gooden, who told her own heartbreaking story of domestic violence and survival.

Her tweets motivated a number of women on Twitter to share their personal stories and bring awareness to the difficulties of domestic violence, also inspiring the hashtag #WhyILeft.

The hashtag gained significant attention from national media and #WhyIStayed became a trending hashtag in 2014, sparking a public conversation on why victims of domestic violence choose to stay in abusive relationships.



The social media campaign #YesAllWomen is a popular hashtag which users share examples or stories of misogyny and domestic violence against women.

The hashtag was popular in 2014 when it was first used in online conversations following the Santa Barbara mass shooting, where a man killed six people in an act of misogynistic rage against women.

The campaign's goal was to raise awareness of sexism, harassment and discrimination that women experience.


7) #ToTheGirls

In 2015, Author Courtney Summers popularized the hashtag #ToTheGirls. The hashtag started as a way for older women to share their wisdom and encourage teenage girls to overcome harmful, sexist acts they daily face.

#ToTheGirls hashtag resulted in thousands of inspiring and motivating tweets about confidence, body image, and self-respect.


8) #Time'sUp

Finally! The hashtag that deserves a standing ovation to bring forward a movement of women against the rampant sexual abuse in all walks of field, and to reclaim their individuality and sexuality isolated from the leering eyes and nature of men. This hashtag was one of the most prominent ones to come out in a while! And with such good reason!

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