7 Hindi Horror Movies To Watch

Lubna Fatima

Bollywood doesn't have a very easy going relationship with horror movies; we usually prefer not to watch Hindi horror movies as most of them are clichéd and look artificial because of poor visuals. But we assure you that is not always the case, our Bollywood has produced some really scary movies which cannot be missed by any horror movie buffs.

Here is a list of Indian horror movies which frightened every horror movie fan.

1. Mahal (1949)
Mahal is said to be first Hindi horror movie and the first one to show reincarnation. The story is about a haunted mansion where a heart-breaking love story happened between its owners. Beautiful abandoned mansion, reincarnation, unrequited love; this movie had all the ingredients to scare you.


2. Bees Saal Baad (1962)
Bees Saal Baad was the highest grosser in 1962; it remains one of the daunting Hindi movies even after 5 decades of its release. The iconic song "Kahin deep jale kahin dil" petrified even the strongest souls. Sound of ghunghroos, glimpses of a woman, a beautiful voice singing around the mansion, this movie is the very definition of mystery and thriller.



3. Raat (1992)
This was Ram Gopal Varma's first horror movie and the one of the best among the lot too. That spooky smile on Revathi's face and how she confesses to the doctor of killing a friend with the sinister expressions had us all hooked to the movie. This movie never lets us off and has plenty of horrifying scenes and thrilling music.

4. Raaz (2002)
Sanjana! That eerie voice still gives us Goosebumps. Raaz revamped the face of Indian horror movies; it had all the ingredients to give you sleepless nights. To save their troubled marriage Sanjana (Bipasha) and Aditya (Dino) move to Ooty to have some quiet time together. That's when all the drama begins; Sanjana gets haunted by Aditya's ex-lover spirit. This movie gave us all a hair rising experience with its spooky music, haunted house, strange voices and some strange supernatural activities.


5. Bhoot (2003)
This movie had plenty of uncanny and frightening moments to give shivers down your spine. With no relief moments in the movie Bhoot had us all gripped to our seats through the movie. Vishal (Ajay Dewgan) and Swati (Urmila) move to a new flat on the 12th floor of a building, the flat is being haunted by the spirit of a young woman; she plunged to her death by jumping off the balcony.

6. 1920 (2008)
Who all could not switch off lights after watching this movie? Most of us had several sleepless nights after watching 1920. Having a clichéd story of a haunted house and the female lead being possessed by an evil spirit, this was unexpectedly scary and mysterious.

7. Phoonk (2008)
You definitely are going to experience chills after watching Phoonk, the movie deals with the practice of black magic. Ram Gopal Varma even promised to offer 5 lakhs to anyone who can watch this movie alone.


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