7 Home- Based Beauty Hacks For Your Skin

Shiralie Chaturvedi | November 17, 2016 10:37 IST

Regardless of what month it is, our skin is always super vulnerable to the climate. The sun rays affect it as much as a brisk cold breeze. Come fall-winter, our skin becomes extremely dry and scaly with a blistering texture, and that's quite irritating. Instead of using more chemicals in form of beauty products, how about using these simple home essentials to get a glowing, soothing skin?

1. Olive Oil 
This is entirely responsible for exfoliating your skin for some respite during winters when your skin is extremely flaky. Olive oil also helps in hydrating your skin, and soften it!

2. Milk
Milk is so readily available, it's easy to doubt the potency! However, the lactic acid found in milk reduces pigmentation, heals and hydrates dry skin -which is super essential come winter season!

3. Honey 
This has to be your go-to product for when you need an extra sheen and glow to your skin. Its properties are full of antioxidants which act as a natural moisturizer to your skin!

4. Coconut Oil 
This has many antibacterial and antifungal properties that inevitably moisturizes your skin, however it's best known to be a wonder tool for your hair as compared to your skin. And who hasn't had coconut oil poured all over scalp as a kid?

5. Oatmeal 
This is a fantastic alternative to soap as it contains cleaning agents, however oatmeal also renders absolutely clear skin that doesn't garner too many facial irritations!

6. Almond Oil 
This has to be your savior during winters if you have fragile skin as it prevents acne, and acts like a scrub. The prime advantage of using almond oil is to open your pores and follicles!

7. Aloe Vera 
This is traditionally Ayurvedic, and has one of the most beneficial properties with regards to your skin! It is healing, and even prevents future skin inflammation! We consider this a win-win!

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