7 Indian Dishes And Their Wine Pairing For Diwali

Aditya Malhotra | October 11, 2017 16:48 IST

Diwali! The season of flavours, family and fun filled fervor! And nothing says Diwali more than some yummy food and a guilty number of drinks to forget the series of bad hands that almost cost you, your house!

Here is a list of your favourite Diwali food paired with some of the choosiest of wines.

1. Papdi Chaat with a Sparkling Wine
One of the most notable of "chaats" or snacks, history dictates that the fried pastry spheres were smeared with yogurt and chutneys on the streets of Old Delhi and for the Royals of the forgotten era and perfected over the years. Deconstruct this beauty and allow your guests to make their own Papdi chaat and you will forever be remembered as this night with be etched in their hearts and minds.

The creaminess of the Papdi chaat would work wonders with an ice cold glass of a Chandon Brut or any other sparkling wine of your choice! The bubbles would wipe your palate clean. The fruity hints paired with the dryness of the wine will make your mouth yearn for yet another bite of your chaat.


2. Aloo Poori with Sula Chardonnay
An obvious choice would be the quintessential favourite for any dilliwala. So it's safe to say if you're not keeping the trend on Diwali be ready to be excommunicated.

We recommend the Sula Chardonnay; this light bodied wine with vegetative flavours had strong flavours of young citrus fruits which work extremely well with the spice and oil/fat of the Aloo Poori and every sip of this wine will clean your palate as it cuts across it. SERVE CHILLED OFCOURSE!


3. Paneer Tikka with Sauvignon Blanc
A mouthwatering ensemble or cottage cheese marinated with Indian spices, dried coriander powder and then grilled to perfection in the famous Indian Clay oven adding that perfect charcoal smokiness. A young Indian Sauvignon Blanc always goes well with tandoori preparations; the medium acidity counters the tartiness of the cottage cheese and the hints of young green and stone fruits balances out the hints of spice in the paneer.

panner tikka

4. Galouti Kabab with Pinot Noir
The Nawabs of Lucknow demanded a kabab that would melt in their mouth and which did not distract them from their games of chess as they inched closer to cornering the opponent's queen to a check mate! This kebab as legends have it is made with a lamb mince that is minced eight times along with fat and spices.

The Pinot Noire a fussy grape to cultivate yields the most versatile of wines. The medium to high acidity along with the light body goes well with the kebab, the flavours of dark red fruits and a hint of jamminess works well with the spice!


5. Biryani with a Sangiovese
There's never really any on reason to eat biryani or even celebrate the party of flavours on your palate that each spoon of long grained Basmati rice infused with saffron, ghee and the juicy tender pieces of your choice of meat bring but Diwali is definitely the night to go crazy with this mouthwatering wonder!

We recommend it with a bottle of Sangiovese; the biryani is a tricky pairing and the Sangiovese is a Full bodied wonder that goes well with the high level of Spice the medium to high level of Tannins in the wine cuts through the fat and helps break down the protein of the meat and makes sipping the wine with the fruit very enjoyable.


6. Gulab Jamun with Port Wine
Reduced milk dumplings centered with pistachio are fried to a perfect brownish hue are a decadent dessert once steeped in sugar syrup. Most Punjabis would tell you it's illegal to eat without vanilla ice cream. This dessert needs a wine that compliments and celebrates its flavours. Port wine which is traditionally a dessert wine is perfect for this dessert with the heavy body, high level of sugar and hints of spice.

gulab jamun

7. Kheer with an Indian Chenin Blanc
What separated any rice pudding with Kheer "The Rice Pudding" is the addition of saffron, dry fruits, cardamom, pistachio and an optional addition of vermicelli.

This is India plum pudding if that makes any sense! The hot climate of India produces some fine Chenin Blanc with high sugar level , low acidity with a heavy body the wine has notes of peach and pear which goes magically well with this dessert. This is a terrific pairing and a perfect end to this magical meal!

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