7 Kulfis To Delight Your Sweet Tooth

Nazia Husain | July 28, 2016 16:44 IST

Summer desserts are special ones, they are cold - they are sweet, and they usually aren't as heavy but still as decadent. Ice cream of course tops our list, but nothing satiates us like something with a wonderful Indian touch! Kulfis are definitely what we think of first! They are of quite the variety, and our absolutely flavourful to eat!

So how about checking out some offbeat kulfis while keeping those taste buds in check!

1. Mango and Cardamom Kulfi

If there is one phrase that defines this kulfi, it is surely 'heaven on earth'. Topped with pistachios, and using the ripest of mangoes, the mango kulfi is a delight for all mango lovers out there. You haven't shown your true allegiance to kulfi if you haven't tried this one out.

2. Kesar Pista Kulfi       

When the lovely taste of the pista kulfi conquers your taste buds, there aren't many things that can overpower that sensation. Team it up with some honey and you're in a culinary paradise that is unforgettable.

3. Malai Kulfi with Falooda

This is our absolute favourite! Simply put, life is incomplete if you haven't given yourself the sheer joy of tasting and relishing the everlasting taste of malai kulfi teamed with falooda. A wholesome dessert in itself, the malai kulfi with falooda is something that you need to treat yourself to when you achieve something really cool in your life!

4. White Chocolate Matka Kulfi

To say this is just delicious would be an understatement as this is one dish that needs to be devoured over and over again because that's what it truly deserves. What are you waiting for? Go right ahead and give your sweet tooth that much awaited celebration of the endearing white chocolate kulfi.

5. Pista, Guava and Lassi Kulfi

This may sound a bit out of the box but once you've eaten it, you won't be thinking about anything else for a long time to come. Thinking out of the box is always a winner and this kulfi gives that box a new definition entirely. Let down your inhibitions and try something quirky yet enchanting.

6. Alphonso and Cranberry Kulfi

Who doesn't like a filling glass of fresh juice? But what if the taste could be reinvented in the form of your favourite kulfi? Thank us later for this and hurry off to try this amazingly luscious dish that can beat any ice cream at its own game!

7. Paan Kulfi

This one is for all the paan lovers who wish to try something new and exotic. Giving your love for paan a new dimension is just what you need and the paan kulfi is the one resort that you could swear by. You definitely do not want to miss trying this one out! The minty taste coupled with the sweetness will definitely leave you wanting more and more!

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