7 Milestones You Can Have In Your 20s That Don't Involve Love

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 17, 2017 17:27 IST

20s are such an overrated age, right? Well, honestly, no. This is the decade you are really on your own before you reach the 30s and you get involved in your own family and household, and this is the decade you are in right after being cocooned and safe under your parents' shelter. But it isn't necessary that all that you observe in yours 20s has to be sprinkled with an overarching facade of love.

Here are 7 things you can call a milestone that don't involve the L word whatsoever!

1. Have A Job You Love
You might get this one after multiple bad jobs that make you miserable, but make sure to really seek that one work profile you crave; the one that makes you feel productive and responsible!

2. Gift Something Grand To Your Parents
20s is an age where most of us have the first taste of hard-earned money. The best way to spend it? Get something special and grand for your parents to thank them for all the support they have provided you alongside all the unconditional love.


3. Travel Solo To That One Special Place
This could be some place low key like Gokarna or a totally over-the-top one like Bora-Bora, but make sure you take one solo trip to a place you have grown to love eternally. Nothing will feel better.

4. Buy A Luxury Item
 Just like the above point, we are sure growing up you must have fantasized about a luxury item. Of course luxury is a relative term, so make this expense keeping in mind how you define luxury. It can be an expensive bag, a car, or even just a day at the spa. But pamper yourself a little.

5. Run A Marathon
This requires regimen like nothing else. Plus now is the time for you to be serious about your fitness and health. This will also inculcate a disciplined lifestyle in your routine, and we can't gush enough about all the happy hormones you will have from all the training!

6. Live In Another City
Just like travelling, this will equip you with a sense of independence. Whether it's for studies or a job or just a detox -take at least a year to live away from home. Nothing says milestone as well as taking care of an entire household by yourself.

7. Get Insurance
And no, not the health insurance you will get as an add-on with your salary package. Get an actual life insurance or an increased health insurance. Don't just blow away all the money you have earned dismissively. An insurance will be a responsible move, one that will benefit you for years to come.

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