7 No Heat Recipes To Try This Summer

NDTV Goodtimes | June 13, 2017 16:50 IST

George Bernard Shaw once said, "there is no love sincerer than the love of food," and it is about as true as it gets! Food binds us all together, countries and nations. It is much easier to find a Scandinavian dish in Mumbai today, something that was unfathomable earlier. This summer, have a shot of tranquilisers to cool yourself with these no-cook recipes that need to be served cold and give yourself some relief this summer.

1.  Classic Tabbouleh Salad
Bulgur is a kind of dried cracked wheat, keep some boiled bulgar grain beforehand to serve this dish anytime you want. Add cucumber, tomatoes and parsley to it and viola, your dinner is ready! Enjoy it with some juice and add your favourite toppings as per your taste and get ready to have this nutritious and tasty treat!


2. Cold Blueberry Basil Soup
Is the temperature soaring high? Feel like you are having frequent hot flashes? Worry is the last thing to do as we have a cold delight that will break the monotony of the summer days. This cold blueberry and basil soup will help you go through the dog days with a smile.


3.  Creamy Caesar Gazpacho
We have another reason to thank Spain! This soup made of raw vegetables, cream and Caesar salad dressing is absolutely divine in the summer. This hawkishly cold dish will turn your hot summer days to a delight.


4. Mango Bruschetta
Are you a mango lover, waiting for the days you can eat mangoes for dinner? We have a perfect recipe for you. This mango bruschetta is made with delicious and luscious mangoes. Just add some mangoes on your regular bruschetta and loose yourself in its magic.



5. Tomato Watermelon Panzanella
This dish is easy to make and easy to fall in love with. Adding watermelon to the classic Italian salad, Panzanella will give this dish an intense fruity kick that will definitely make you weak in the knees. Use the sides of the bread for that added extra crunch and texture. Serve it cold to beat the heat.


6. Cold Cucumber Soup
Cucumbers are well known for their cooling properties, but making a cold soup out of it will take it to a whole new extreme. You can store it in the refrigerator for quite some time. Filled with the goodness of fresh cucumbers, this soup would be your go to dish these summers.


7. Salad Stuffed Avacados
Avocados are already known for their healthy oils. Take a spoon to scoop out the seed and fill the void with freshly prepared salad and voila, dinner is ready! This quick and easy recipe will ensure to give you your daily dose of nutrition!



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