7 Quick Dishes To Prepare For An Impromptu Date Night (for men)

Shiralie Chaturvedi | December 05, 2017 12:28 IST

You have been dating for a while, and you are both a little comfortable with each other and your quirks and skills alike. And so your girlfriend suddenly tells you if instead doing your usual Saturday night date you would like to cook for her? She trusts you, and she hopes for something at least, edible. So what can you make? On a short notice, that too! Well we are here to help you!

These are the quickest 7 dishes you can whip up and blow your date's mind off!

1. Mini Burgers  
Aside from being so cute to look at, you can show off your culinary skills by making different varieties of the burgers. One can have just veggies, while one can be oozing with cheese. Plus, you will really put your girlfriend at ease if you give her something to indulge in rather be all dainty with respect to the date night menu. And it all takes mere minutes to prep!

min i burgers

2. Paneer Tikka 
And what if your girlfriend wants something spicy, something delicious, and something succulent?! You can't cook her full blown North Indian meal but you can try something that packs in a lot of flavour and is super easy to make. Paneer Tikka! Just buy some paneer, some bell peppers, masalas, and satay sticks -and you are sorted!

paneer tikka

3. Mushroom Crepe
Crepe is easy, crepe is light, crepe is French ergo crepe is exotic! Plus mushrooms are creamy and smooth, especially if cooked well. Treat her to this delicacy which will make her Instagram it, and indulge it. Now if that doesn't earn you brownie points, we don't know what will!


4. Tacos  
If you and your girlfriend are the kind of couple who will probably watch a funny movie, or play videogames together chances are tacos are your best bet for the date night! Plus super easy to prep too. You will need to invest in some ingredients, sure, but after that is done the prep time will be minimal and crunchy tacos will be the winner of the night!


5. Olive Oil Spaghetti
But if your girlfriend likes her meals elegant, and you really want to impress her, look no further than some aglio olio spaghetti! You literally need pepper, olive oil, salt and boiled spaghetti noodles for this. The meal is indulgent, decadent, and pairs really well with a bottle of wine. Trust us your girlfriend will love it!


6. Margherita Flatbread 
Okay, so who doesn't like pizza? Especially if you don't have to wait while it gets made?! Flatbread is your hero for the day. It is much less on the prep time, and doesn't compromise on the taste whatsoever. Plus you can cut it up to look like little pizzettes, and tiny food just looks more elegant if you ask us. So get some cherry tomatoes, some cherry mozzarella, some pesto, some olive oil and you are good to go!


7. Cheesy Sticks  
Finally! If you just want it to be low key, but cheesy (sorry for the pun) then all you gotta do is deep fry some mozzarella! Seriously, it is such a good date night option that your girlfriend will thank you for days to come. No one can say no to a cheesy fella, so come on and prove us right!



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