7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Sucks, According To a Man

Aditya Malhotra | November 10, 2017 17:52 IST

Long distance also reads as a cruel and unusual punishment. Let us for one minute stop talking about all the positives and the motivational quotes we have all read and talk about its one of mankind's biggest follies. No matter how long you date it's never going to prepare you for the horrid realities of long distance. After lots of research and feeling the pulse of a long distance relationship we have prepared a few reasons why you must maintain at least a one arm distance from the prospects of one.

1. The time difference
The time difference can kill both of you! Imagine functioning in the same time zone as your girlfriend and it is incredibly difficult! You don't get any work done and your sleep pattern is all wrong and it does take a toll on your body clock as well, enough for slowly resentment to creep in.


2. You're basically dating your cell phone or laptop
You slowly end up falling asleep to your partners face on a screen, or eating meals with your laptop. Waking up and reaching for your mobile phone or laptop to see if you got your morning text or to notify your partner that you're awake. At some point you're acting on conditioning alone and it becomes part of your routine. You end up being shackled to your phone which is terrible. In case you miss a call you end up not talking for ages and missing video call dates become a major reason for fights.

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3. A Costly affair
It can be very expensive being in a long distance relationship, from high data and phone bills to flight tickets and fuel costs. Even shipping fees and buying gifts to make up because let's face it sometime "I'm sorry" just doesn't cut it.


4. Jealousy and doubts
Jealousy is a common issue in relationships and insecurities increase when time difference and distance is added to the mix. To add to this come's mind games and the constant game of seeking attention without asking for it to see who folds first to reach out which turns the relationship toxic.


5. Lack of physical intimacy
Well men are usually physical beings who are made for loving and we do need some quality snuggles no matter how butch we may act. Nothing is like the real thing and internet intimacy is only robbing you of the true physical connection that you truly deserve.


6. Temptations
All the good behaviour and abstaining from slipping up creates a forbidden fruit situation where in you will suddenly get so much more attention than you usually ever got , something about you being in a relationship and not being a creep just makes you so much more attractive. The human brain works in mysterious way!


7. Running out of things to talk about
Slowly the well of topics to discuss will run dry. You will get sick of talking about the usual daily tasks. Pretty soon you'll get sick of your ears getting sweaty due your phone being stuck to it. You'll zone out of conversations and lose track of what was just said or asked by her.



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