7 Reasons Why Your Bestie's Wedding is More Important Than Your Own

Anisha Kanungo | February 16, 2017 16:03 IST

When they won certificates for competitions weren't you the first one to cheer the loudest? When their parents called you to complain about them, didn't you come up as their greatest supporter? They are those special people in your life for whom you have been the greatest cheerleader, personal stylist and photographer and the worst critic. Wedding already being the most crucial of affairs, it's an even bigger event if it's your bestie who's getting married! Here's a list of 7 reasons that make this event more important than your own wedding!

1. Wait? What? How? Why?
Isn't this our first reaction when they break the news to us! Even if they have been dating for years or if their parents found them the perfect match. Many thoughts flood our minds suddenly and it takes time to sink in because we know that life is going to be different now. We can't comprehend if you're exalted or shocked or simply overwhelmed!

2. What am I going to wear!
Well this one's a universal dilemma and it gets the worse when your best friend is tying the knot. Not only you have to have a whole budget for the best friend wedding shopping, you have to deal with the pressure of looking like the ideal bridesmaid! What's more? There's not just one but so many events and you can't afford to look anything less than absolutely stunning.

3. Best Bachelorette Ever!
How can one miss out on this one! This is the most exciting event of the best friend's wedding. You want to make her do everything because she will never be a bachelorette again after all! You are in charge of everything from the theme to the menu to the guest list! And not to forget the crazy dares you have lined up for her. Phew!

4. Responsibilities
A best friend's wedding teaches us best how to manage a crisis! You have to be on your toes all through the big event. From calling the vendors to handling the, you'll be summoned for every action. After all your bestie can't do without your precious presence and this wedding would be incomplete without you.

5. Crush Spotting
With so many people around and the bride's best friend basking in the spotlight, you are bound to catch attention, for all the good reasons! All those eligible bachelors have their sight set on you and let's admit that we love to return the favour too.


6. The Most Emotional Moment Of Your Life
You're not just each other's secret keepers but also been there for each other through thick and thin. No matter how happy we are for them we can't ignore the worrisome thoughts as well. But never the less we know that their wedding would be the best memory of our lives and as they say 'distance makes the hearts grow fonder'.

7. Is it a wakeup call for you too?
Our best friend's wedding is often a wakeup call for most of us! The big event is followed by those sleepless nights unnerving you with thoughts like 'What am I doing with my life!', 'Should I start a new life too?', 'When did we grow so old?' Your mind is flooded with a multitude of emotions, positive, negative, confusing, overwhelming and all of what will keep you dazed for the days to follow.

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