7 Songs You Must Have On Your Zumba Playlist

Shiralie Chaturvedi | April 11, 2017 13:22 IST

The idea of workout is mostly daunting, even if necessary and we all shy away from it until our body completely feels stiff and wound up! But not when there is some epic dance-y Bollywood numbers involved! So load up your playlist -put on your comfortable sneakers and dance dance dance your way to health!

1. Saat Samundar
This is not only an iconic shaadi number but also an iconic Zumba number. We mean, have you tried copying these dance-steps? They are so rhythmic and so do-able!


2. Akhiya Milau 
Ah -the magic of synchronized dance steps. It's not only for some structured and streamlined moves but also for some company, so you aren't alone strutting on a retro music number.


3. Let's Naacho
Whether it's a club or a gym studio, this song gets a big thumbs up from us. Perfect music beats that are a mix of vintage and new peppy this song makes us want to only and only move.


4. Break Up Song
If you literally just watch the video of this song and dance along the actors your Zumba fix is hit. The steps are super fun, and easy to emulate. Try it now!


5. Senorita 
Sure the dance steps aren't really easy-peasy, but neither is life. So how about you just put your limbs into perfect locomotion?! A little wave here and there, and some torso swaying and you are done!


6. Tamma Tamma Remix 
Remix or the original, this song is perfect for any dancing opportunity whether you are out clubbing with friends or sweating it out in a work-out class. Pro Tip? Don't be too ambitious in trying to copy Madhuri's moves straight on; ease in on them rather.


7. Kala Chashma
This is a motivational number to be honest, because, well -Katrina's abs! If this song doesn't make you want to be fit and lean nothing else would. So tune it up and be on the road for maximum body positivity!

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