7 Things That Make Weddings A Spectacle More Than A Union

Bhavya Jha | July 13, 2017 12:06 IST

They call it a 'big fat Indian wedding' for a reason. The crazy buzz just doesn't seem to stop even months after the wedding day. Indian weddings were always a grand affair and have become even more of a spectacle with social media glorifying every small bit to levels unimaginable. The main essence of a wedding being a union of a couple gets overshadowed by the glitz and glam making the wedding look grander than everyone else's. These 7 things have contributed the most to making wedding a spectacle more than a union!

1. Wedding Photography
Everyone wants to capture the memories from their big day. There always are overtly beautified images floating on social media making the couple look like the protagonists of a Bhansali movie. Trying to achieve or even outdo that becomes a pressure more than a desire. You don't realize when capturing these moments becomes more important than actually living them.


2. Destination Weddings
We all have those friends who dream of an elaborate palace or beach wedding. We didn't even realize when we shifted from lit up ancestral houses to beach resorts and cruises as the wedding venue. People travel thousands of miles with hundreds of relatives just to tie the knot in place far far away from their homes! Why?!

destination weddings

3. Designer Campaigns
There are entire campaigns dedicated to just wedding lehngas and sherwanis worth lacs! The spectacle created around the collections is no less than a dream for the brides to be and anything less than that doesn't seem to suffice. Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day! The pressure is already immense and is topped by the claims of making them look like the ideal bride.


4. Wedding Films
Wedding videos have been a part of weddings for years. But glorifying it like it were a part of a Bollywood movie recently started and caught up in no time. Close ups, slow motions, glitz, glam, drama and so much more! People go crazy after getting their videos right, hand-picking shots, music and spending lakhs on getting them edited to perfection. They've even started releasing trailers for their wedding films on social media! Like woah!


5. Bollywood
Bollywood has been known for glorifying Indian weddings since forever. People even refer to movie sequences as their wedding goals, with similar sets, outfits, songs and ceremonies! Well, sorry to break the bubble but it took many set designers, art directors, make-up artists, director's expert eyes, many takes and hundreds of production coordinators to make the movie look like the way it did.


6. Pre-wedding shoots
Well, these have recently made their way to the spectacle wedding check-list. Pictures capturing the to-be married couple's chemistry in quirky poses and exotic locations have become a must! From the couple cascading by the beach to drones capturing the couple against breathtaking surroundings, pre-wedding shoots have definitely contributed to making weddings a spectacle.


7. Wedding Hashtags
Wedding hashtags initially began as a way to track all the wedding pictures on social media. But it became an obsession even offline. It lost its initial purpose and people randomly started to use hashtags to address their weddings making them feel like a part of a huge event.

wedding hashtags

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