7 Things That Make You A 'Great Wifey'

Bhavya Jha | March 20, 2017 17:00 IST

There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to enter the ever-so-important institution of marriage. Many get worked up by the mere idea of the responsibilities it entails, and also the myriad of changes one has to go through. But it's actually all in the details. Personalities may vary, but some basic practices will make it way easier than imagined.

Here's a list 7 such things that every woman can do to be an amazing wife without sweating over it too much!

1. Be Yourself
The key to all successful relationships is accepting a person the way they are. Everyone is at the best of their behaviour in the beginning, but when you marry a person you promise to spend the rest of your life with them. The more real it is, the easier the journey would be. Don't be afraid to show your flaws, but also don't forget to keep your positive traits on the front end and make your husband realize how amazing the person he's married is.

2. Communicate & Express
The second step to being yourself is communicating clearly. It's natural to have some problems adjusting in the beginning. All you need to do is keep the little issues from bottling up. Same goes for the positive things you wish them to do more. Listen more, be more verbal & expressive, and basically communicate well! Tell them how much you love them for certain things, and what are the habits that rub you the wrong way.

3. Choose Arguments Smartly
This is more of a mutual thing, but the least you can do is put in maximum efforts from your side. Let go off petty issues and prevent making a big deal about small issues. If it's something that has been bothering you for a while, have composed heart-to-hearts instead of going all hostile. No fight -big or small- will do your marriage any good after all.


4. Improve Compatibility
Compatibility is a variable that needs work consistently. People change and so do traits. There must have been some personality traits that make you a couple. Lay focus on them and monitor any change that you witness and work on meeting your partner mid-way. Show interest in his interests and figure the things that you actually enjoy doing together. Fill in the gaps and take that extra step to make sure your marriage is based on compatibility more than responsibility.

5. Go On Dates
You're never too old for a beautiful romantic date. Keep the spark from dying out by planning a date more often than once a month. Be it a dressy and fancy good old candle lit dinner or a walk under the starry sky; surprise your husband with the little plans. It breathes a new life into your marriage and helps you take time off the everyday monotonous schedule.


6. Be His Best Friend
Lucky are the people who get to marry their best friend. There's no greater compatibility than the one you have with your closest friends. It's free of pretention and you're at your comfortable best. But isn't that the ideal essence of your marriage as well? Aside from the romance, you need to be able to be friends with your partner. Tease them, share your joys and sorrows, and be there for them beyond judgment, beyond complaints.

7. Nag Less
After having said all this, we understand that your husband is the one you want to share everything with. But that doesn't mean you end up making them your dartboard instead of your source of peace. This will subconsciously distance them from you and make them avoid you. There should be a limit to the grievances, insecurities and problems you share with them. Be a happier and content human being and you'll see it reflecting in your partner's behaviour.

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