7 Times Kareena Kapoor's On Screen Look Went Beyond Fashion

Shiralie Chaturvedi | September 20, 2017 16:54 IST

The unique thing about Kareena Kapoor is her invincibility; something that she has earned for herself after navigating through a path that was riddled with a variety of events. From being a complete masala actress, to someone who did edgy roles, to someone who went onto become a force within herself -Kareena Kapoor is a cinematic gem in Bollywood who has withstood the test of time and didn't compromise. Especially when it came to her on-screen avatars. The fashion choices and the character arcs were both in confluence and it was just a treat to watch that!

1. Ashoka
Fresh off the boat, and in a role that demanded more than just your average oomph. Period movies are a tough nut to crack especially when it comes to really hitting the nail on the nuances to be accurate and adequate. However, Kareena Kapoor's raw beauty just shone through her portrayal in the movie. With bare minimum in terms of make-up, accessories, and well clothes -the idea to bring alive a lass from the olden ages succeeded well with the dewy look that Kapoor sported and did transport us to a minimal era.


2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
To be honest it takes a really intelligent and assured person to carry off being vain. Not to say that Poo(ja) was vain, but she was rather self-indulgent. However, her look wasn't indicative of her snobbery and high-handedness but that of someone who is just darn secure in herself. And why wouldn't she be after being totally ridiculed as a school going kid?! Her look was that of vindication and we loved it.


3. Chameli  
To hop from one stereotypically Bollywood movie to another, and then to settle for an avant garde movie opposite Rahul Bose and play a role of a prostitute was of such an unpredictable measure that Kareena's fans were completely shocked. From the innocence that is so integral to sex-workers who deal with a veneer of absolute boldness and coldness, she invited in her look glimpses of a young girl on a vulnerable track, and that was such a heart-warming thing to see.


4. Jab We Met
Of course, this look changed how a lot of young girls saw dressed and we admit we were one of them. However the look channelled the wild abandon that Kareena's character had before getting her heartbroken. And with that tragedy her outfits did a toss-up for something more understated and muted. This character arc's evolution vis a vis her sartorial sense was something that we all could relate to, and love.


5. Tashan  
If you slave and slave and work and work obviously you want to reap the benefits! You don't want to leave any stone unturned and that is exactly what Kareena's size zero look was all about in Tashan! Without a doubt the bold lip, the snug silhouettes, the itsy bitsy clothes were all entirely provocative -and in a good way! She didn't hold back, because she didn't want to and that assurance was commendable.


6. Heroine 
A role that started with vulnerability, meandered through insecurity, and ended at exposed weakness could have surely used the aid of a look that complemented the state of mind of Kareena's character. However the look, barring some that portrayed utter emotional breakdowns, showcased something we all work with very well. When you are down, when you are in the throes of failure, what do you do? You cry, sure. You grovel, sure. But then you get up, you buck up, you put on your best, and you conquer. Her look was of that girl who was pushed around too much until she wasn't.


7. Ki and Ka 
And finally. Her look was modern, but her look was also ambitious. Her look was aesthetic, but it was also businesslike. She was successful, and she didn't need anyone's approval for that; she was breaking stereotypes and she didn't need anyone's permission for that. Kareena's character in this movie was unapologetic, whether it was about dismissing marital symbols sartorially or otherwise, and boy were we impressed!


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