7 Times Sonam Kapoor Worked The Anti-Fit Look

Shiralie Chaturvedi | August 23, 2017 15:01 IST

In the world of fashion, there are trendsetters and then there is Sonam Kapoor. Far beyond any fashionista has reached, she is a patron of the world's most aesthetic threads whether couture or off the rack or independent! One of the many trends she sports is the dismissal of snug clothes that have been popular for time immemorial -and embraced the burgeoning anti-fit trend!

We tell you our favourite looks that every one of you should try out!

1. Deconstructed Fashion
This is far beyond just a deconstructed suit; it is meandering in the deconstructed fashion realm because a gingham smock dress with lounge pants is a match made in comfortable heaven. Plus all the silver jewellery gives it such a covetable boho chic look!

2. Androgynous Basics 
A waterfall vest, a pinstriped tunic, distressed denim and edgy shoes -everything is minimal and in muted colours but even in its supposed underwhelming the outfit stands apart. Plus it is SO easy to replicate. Those dresses you can't wear because they are too short? Just pair them up with jeans. And go for a nice statement jacket.

In @bhanelove

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3. Airy Floral 
In the world of Parisian couture and elaborate dresses, it's rare that one exhibits breathable softness. Which is what this dress is all about! It's not snug, it's not stifling, and it's entirely feminine. Who said you can't be a girly girl and still be at the pinnacle of comfort?

4. L(ong)BD 
Move over slinky black short dresses for your evening out, Sonam showed how the most anti-fit black maxi dress make you look sexy and stunning! Not only will it be super comfy -but can you imagine the ease with which you can dance through the night without feeling too rigid? PLUS THOSE BROGUES!

5. Kimonos and Kaftans
Cannes Film Festival is literally cinematic and fashion royalty, and to take that lightly is never recommended, so when Sonam really pushed the envelope with her style it was shocking but not really surprising -especially because it worked in her favour. Kimonos and sundresses were her go-to for press calls and boy did she really make high end look super cool!

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6. Colour Blocked
Solid colours, silky texture, and statement silhouettes; perfect for a gallery opening or a date or even an office function. This outfit is so breathable and yet so elegant, we are totally envious of the look and can't wait to sport it to our next soiree!

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7. Caped Crusader 
Indeed a crusader because she makes winter capes look SO cool! Nothing says stylish more than some stockings, a dress, a wool cape with little booties. The cape gives you a provision to layer heaps of woollens inside and still look totally structured from the outside! Such a win-win.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -George Bernard Shaw @anandahuja 📸

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