7 Times You Can Avoid Being Jealous

Shiralie Chaturvedi | December 05, 2017 14:43 IST

Jealousy is the biggest troublemaker for humanity, whether it in a state of power or in relationships. Not only do you not trust your partner but you don't trust yourself enough to make them happy either. However 99% of the times jealousy has no place existing and these are some of those. So avoid a bitter battle between you and your girlfriend by simply not getting jealous for the below!

1. When your girlfriend works late and you are under the gross misconception that it is because of that one male colleague she might be getting too friendly with.



2. When your girlfriend's best friend is a boy and that gets you riled up like nothing else because how can she have another male in her life that she values so much!


3. When your girlfriend chooses to spend time with her friends even if you are free and you were expecting her to work on your schedule.


4. When your girlfriend takes a vacation with her friends instead of you and you think it's basically an excuse for her to go completely berserk and unfaithful!


5. When your girlfriend talks about a male colleague with respect and you are constantly comparing yourself to him, and it is so unnecessary!


6. When your girlfriend is complimented for excellence in her work and you insinuate that her success is entirely because of her gender.


7. When your girlfriend's phone is on call-waiting and you go into a tizzy figuring out whose call is more important than yours!



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