7 Tips to Host an Eco-friendly House Party

NDTV Good Times | June 05, 2015 14:42 IST

1. Do away with paper invites: Forget those age old paper invites and put your faith in a phone call or a text. Feel like that's too boring? Then use an e-invite template to create your own, supercool personalised invites.

2. Use reusable dishware
Get rid of disposable plastic cutlery. The very thought of discarding the waste in the morning is horrifying. Go for reusable dishware as it's easy to clean, one time investment and you can use it for many more house parties in the future.

3. Go easy on plastic decorations
Keep it simple when it comes to decorating your house. Avoid using plastic streamers and confetti. Instead, look around for fun things like old glass bottles, centrepieces made with dried leaves or flowers etc to brighten up the space.

4. Use DIY props
No party is complete without props these days. But why spend on props when you can do it yourself? Revamp old glasses, make hats with paper bags, try on funky chunky jewellery, necklaces out of stones - there's so much to DIY!

5. Have enough bins at the party
While you may not acknowledge it, but you need enough trash bins at your place to make the after party clean up easier. If you've thrown a house party before, you'd know that when the trash can is full, the litter finds its way to every corner of the house. Don't say we didn't warn you!

6. Organise a carpool
Besides all the fuel your friends would end up spending while driving down to your party, just think how uncool it would be to see all those cars lined up outside your house? Instead, organise a carpool and a pick up point for your guests, or just encourage them to use public transport.

7. Hand out saplings as return gifts
Giving away saplings as return gifts to your guests would be a nice gesture. The plant will surely outlive all your party gossip while making you look all eco-friendly cool. Woohoo!

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