7 Water Holidays You Must Take Before You Turn 30

Riya Sachdeva | August 17, 2017 17:28 IST

Are you a travel seeker? Are you fond of water holidays? Then you have come to the right place. We have some next level water adventures you can add to your bucket list right now! These can be your basis of your next water holiday. It will give you all the kicks you need!

If swimming with the fishes among the coral reefs is your vice, then you are at the right place. You can get all the thrills you need while penetrating the deep sea, you can eye for a million fishes along the way. Brazil, Hawaii or Maldives, it will surely give you all the chills you seek.


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Spend your holidays in style while tasting wine. Hop on a yacht and relax in the waters while sipping lavish wine. You can plan your romantic holidays in the seas of France, Italy or Turkey and relax with class.



Are you a bird watcher? Do you have a thing for waters? Then this adventure is crafted for you. Indulge in the floating hotels of Missouri or Danube delta. Observe the birds and enjoy in style. Add it to your to do and try something new.


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This is definitely something to boast about, indulge in an activity of sailing the ship on your own in the open seas. It could be your thrill of your trip and definitely something to brag about. You can learn to sail a ship which is a replica of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Be it Europe, Caribbean or Australia you can go on a expedition right now.


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Sail in the deep oceans in style, cruise your way to the places. This can be your chichi way to a holiday. Plan it now if you haven't tried it yet!



Excited much? You get to swim among the sperm whales in the majestic ocean. It can be your adventures to see the mystic creature of the water. You can go to Dominica and have a taste of this lovely adventure.


Part of a large aggregation of hundreds of #spermwhales. Photo by @tonywu98

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It is a sport that involves lot of courage and upper body strength; you can go kayaking solo and create some everlasting memories along the way!


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