7 Ways To Be On A Budget While Backpacking In Europe

Aditya Malhotra | November 07, 2017 16:12 IST

Backpacking across Europe is easily on everyone's bucket list and definitely full of expectations! One thing is certain that it's not going be cheap, and the days of sleeping out on the streets to save money are slowly diminishing keeping safety in mind. For all those earning in rupees it surely pinches when you continuously convert the exchange rate. But don't fret! We have a few tips that could help you out without cutting on the fun!

1. Plan Ahead
Sure it may go against your young, wild and free mantra! But you would be shocked with the kind of deals available and the amount of money that you can save if you buy your flight tickets in advance. Low cost airlines like Ryanair.com are great for flying while in Europe.


2. Get an International youth hostel card made
These are great and easy to make. It takes about a week to get ready and get picked up from the YMCA in New Delhi. This card allows you stay at larger number of hostels and YMCA's at a discounted rate, lower entry charges to monuments and museums and many other services.


3. Stay at hostel as much as possible
Hostels are a great place to stay no matter how old you are, if it's a budget you're on then it's the place to stay! Hostels are safe and clean and have many travellers who also want to save money so you'll get many insights and tips. Many days trips and tours also get organised by the hostel as discounted rates plus the hostel bars are usually cheaper as well. The folks running the hostel could tell you many secret spots or places not swarming with tourists.


4. Interact, smile and talk to people!
Stepping out of your comfort zone is imperative. The whole point of travelling far from home is to broaden your horizons and to expose yourself. Don't be shy to talk to people and ask them what they are doing, chances are that they would be more than happy to talk to you if they like you and have common plans you would end up splitting the cost and saving money! Even the most uptight people are very different when travelling so do not worry! You may even make lifelong friends ready to host you when you travel to their country.


5. Memories last longer than things!
Don't spend your money on buying gifts, clothes and other expensive things! A fridge magnet is a great relic of your travels but the rest can be pictures and experiences! You can get almost everything back home. And remember you should try to keep a low profile in terms of monetary assets; you're far away from home.


6. Walk, use public transport, eat light and travel heavy
It's very important that you befriend a European, American or any other country as there is a very high chance that these travellers would have done this trip before or would've had friends who would have given them tips or maybe they planned this for a long time as there goal is to travel for as long as possible and experience things on a shoe string budget! Also we suggest you read lots of travel books and go crazy online! The air is clean and you would be shocked at how much you can walk without realising while you stare wide eyed at the surroundings!


7. Try travelling at night
Taking trains at night help you save money on accommodation. Also hostels are happy to hold your bags for you and sometimes may charge you money while you explore but that would much lesser than a bunk! Also you can chill out at their common room area as long as you behave of course.



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