7 Ways To Repurpose Your Summer Favourites for A Winter Wardrobe

Shiralie Chaturvedi | November 08, 2017 17:45 IST

Don't take us wrong just by the basis of the headline; it isn't like we completely abhor winter fashion but every now and then we do wish that some of our favourite summer staples didn't become so totally irrelevant come the change in season! But have no fear, for when there is a problem there is always a solution and we have devised a neat way to repurpose our most like summer wardrobe elements.

1. Colours
Pop of colours are not just a thing of summer anymore. All you gotta do is introduce it in a tactful way in your wardrobe. Invest in colourful coats and sweaters, or just pile high your accessories in neon colours. Even if your winter wardrobe is a repeat of dark tones there is no harm in being eclectic and bursting some much needed colour!


2. Florals
Believe us when we say this -but florals are actually quite perfect for winter. The innocence and femininity of a floral piece matched with the practicality of a winter staple is unmatched. Pair your flirty floral frock with a leather jacket, or your floral top with a knitted skirt, or simply invest in floral sneakers or boots -florals are a perfect way to bring the perky summer to your winter days!


3. Sandals
Now hear us out -socks and sandals aren't just what older people wear to vacations. It is legitimately a style trend that is creating waves across the globe and that just means good news for those of us who love our strappy sandals! Just pull a pair of socks and wear your sandals. Your feet will be warm, you will definitely be the epitome of style, and you can still rock your favourite pair of sandals!


4. Espadrilles
And another type of footwear that is summer specific but you can make it perfect for your winter days are espadrilles! All you got to do is chuck the mini dresses and shorts for skinny jeans. The look will be completely gawk-worthy and you will not feel cold at all!


5. Sunglasses and Hat
This combination is such a dead summer giveaway, we feel challenged to bring a winter version of it. But we have! Instead of a straw or panama hat opt for a beanie or a felt fedora to pair up with your sunglasses, and then add a statement scarf around your neck to be comfortably warm and fashionably stunning!


6. Shorts
We for one, are really into the whole shorts + stockings idea, and you should be too because it is super comfortable and super fashionable. Your dreamiest distressed denim shorts will look just as cool with black stockings, a loose knit cardigan and some boots! Trust us; this will be your most comfortable winter outfit.


7. Mini Dress
And finally! Can't wear a mini dress in winter? Think again. Just change the fabric and pick up something like velvet that serves a dual purpose: the shiny fabric is perfect for all the yearend festivities plus velvet is a great choice for winter dressing because of the texture and material of it. So we suggest you don't give up on your mini dresses just as yet!


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