8 Important Things Every 20 Something Should Know About Make-Up

Bhavya Jha

You love your make-up, but you also love your natural skin! Using make-up can get tricky if you're not fully aware of what you're using and how. So be a little more aware and don't let these products cause you any harm. Here's a list of a facts that every make-up user in their 20s must know.

1. Pre Make-Up Precautions
The germ and dirt on your hands get transferred to your face and it settles and stay stuck to your face with make-up. To avoid all the zits and rashes that follow, you must clean your face and hands before starting to apply make-up. Keep a sanitizer handy!


2. Hypoallergenic Products
If you have a sensitive skin and are prone to allergies, you must check if the product is hypoallergenic before buying. A product labeled hypoallergenic means that it is less likely to cause infections and allergies than other products.


3. Storage Precautions
Make-up products must be stored away from sunlight to keep it from destructing the preservatives. You must close all the products tightly to keep germs and dust away from the content of it. It touches and rests directly on your skin after all!


4. Sharing Is Not Healthy
You should ideally stick to your own make-up kit and avoid sharing or using someone else's make-up. If you can't avoid sharing, use disposable applicators.


5. Old Applicators Are As Bad As Expired Products
We often use old applicators as we find them better than their new replacement. But the old applicator has old product on it which may be expired. Resist the temptation to use old applicators.

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6. Hairspray Can Be Fatal
Keep your nose covered while using hairspray as inhaling it can lead to lung damage. Also keep away from smoking or fire while using aerosol hairspray as they might ignite!


7. After Infection Caution
This one is going to break your heart! But in case you get an infection because of using a make-up product, you would need to throw all the products you were using before the infection. The applicators carry the infectious germs as they were in direct contact with your infected skin.

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8. Dilution Can Cause Infections
Do you mix another liquid in your dry make-up product to bring it back to its original consistency? Well, stop immediately! This may lead to disturbing the chemical composition of your product or may even transfer harmful germs and bacteria to them.

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