8 Life Hacks Everyone Must Employ After Listening To SRK's TED Talk

Shiralie Chaturvedi | May 18, 2017 10:58 IST

To read a quote, to copy paste it, to have it viewed by millions, to come across as a mindful individual with so many thoughts, such introspections is easy. It is very easy. What is hard is to actually read the thoughts and implement them in that very thinking of yours and move accordingly. Hence you aren't seeing quotes from the super famous and pertinent Ted Talk given by megastar Shahrukh Khan, but how we can emulate these little wise nuggets into our life in order to make it calmer, less stressful and easier to navigate.

And because it is SRK you know it is going to be laced with witticism and intellect, and because it is him you know you will read it and devour it.

1. Adapting to Change
This Ted Talk started with an analogy that seemed self-indulgent at first and poignant at the second go. He compared humanity to an aging movie star, one who grapples with change, but still finds a way to shine. This is where our first life hack comes; everyone resists change. Everyone. But eventually everyone finds their niche after overcoming initial hiccups.

2. Keeping Sense Of Humour Alive
If you scroll down below and watch the entire video you will come across an anecdote that surrounds the King Khan's life at its most tragic and he opens it to the audience with a joke. Which essentially tells us how much it helps to keep our spirits up and about even at the gravest moment. Your loss might not get lessened but it will save you a trip from having it heightened.

3. To Be Honest Is To Survive
 Using reference points that touch base with vocabulary, technology, and everything in between he gave us an invaluable lesson in why simplicity and honesty goes in a long way towards our survival as human beings. If you look at the world with a vantage point of calling a spade a spade, you can forge ahead. Instead of feeling into the complexities of life, opt for a simpler route.

4. Understand Judgement and Criticism
Taking a cue from his own pitfalls that came in the package deal of fame he spoke of how he was judged for everything he did, and so much for what he didn't, especially in the age of the internet. Here we can understand how once we open ourselves to someone external it is so important for all of us to imbibe the criticism and channelize it. If we are vulnerable to opinions we must take them in the most positive and clear way. The fickle nature of the world won't surprise you much after that.

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5. Reinventing Yourself Amidst Confusion
 Taking the very appropriate example of Lungi Dance he, once again compared the overarching concept of humanity and himself going through a similar mid-life crisis. Abram; Humanity and he going through a midlife crisis; that at worst make you do embarrassing things and at best make you reinvent yourself. So if you are lost it's okay, you are allowed to make mistakes, be confused, not give a damn because ultimately it will all add to the landscape of your life.

6. To Love Is To Experience Godliness
A huge chunk of his speech revolved around the ability and concept to love; to feel it, to possess it, to distribute it. He emphasized on the power that comes with love and compassion -of how a man's most raw and latent emotion is the capacity to love. And indeed it is and we must harness it to its most potent form to work with the sole purpose of doing what we love, with love, and accepting consequences alike.

7. Nothing Is As Influential As Grace and Empathy
 If you are a person of immense power, reach, accessibility; use it. Use it for the good of the world, use it for the good of mankind not for the destruction of it. Taking the political and ecological scenario of our world he raised a touching point of how if the powerful in the world, however less that power is, can work with grace and compassion instead of a divisive society we would have a community of co-existence.

8. Live In Love
Wrapping this up in a neat and intelligent way, he presented his aging movie star analogy as the closing of his speech. Asking for people to love themselves and seek relevance regardless of how the scenario looks superficially. So much so, that he advocated for the world to be self-obsessed. That in order for you to spread love you must first love and accept yourself. The world should love all the diversities it has, all the quirks and the flaws it has, all the wrongs and the rights. And that starts with each one of us. If we can allow ourselves to fly, we can allow ourselves to fall, and then to stay grounded.


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