8 Things Not To Say On International Women's Day

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 07, 2017 13:45 IST

As much as a woman's right to equality is feverishly spoken of, with the same vigour what is exercised is mansplaining, and bro-propriating, and everything under the sun that can be labelled as patronizing. At every juncture each woman has to suffer through unnecessary commentary on their lifestyle choices, and that is especially true on days that commemorate female legacy.

So these are quick things you should never, ever say to a girl on March 8th!

1. Why get a whole day to celebrate?

2. Of course you will celebrate today. You are such an activist!

3. You know, men face discrimination too!

4. You should really focus on better things?


5. Shouldn't you dress up more girly if it's Women's Day?

6. Does wage gap really exist?

7. Is this because you hate men?

8. Calm down! It's just a day! !

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