8 Things Women Shouldn't Do This Year

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 03, 2017 11:40 IST

How many women on a daily have to battle against almost everything -from the most superficial to the most intense to the vainest? And for what? For their own good, apparently. But what is the point of fighting a battle when you don't have a sweet reward at the end of it, and these 8 points are exactly those.

We bring you 8 things a woman should just stop doing, and have no regrets thereafter.

1. Understand Society's Perspective
 No longer are you obligated to understand the point of view of others. Instead of getting bogged down by societal norms, try to seek what is best for you. Maybe you will face a lot of flak at the beginning of it, but eventually your perseverance will stand above all in the event of a crisis. Do your own thing, and eventually the ambient noise will die down.

2. Settle For Mediocrity
Whether it's a job, or a boyfriend, or friends -do not settle. Know your worth, and reach out to the most perfect that you can attain. It will take patience, grit, and most importantly self-faith. Don't be impetuous with your decisions, and wait it out. Eventually you will get what you deserve.

3. Think Being Called Skinny Is A Compliment

Somehow it is indoctrinated in our minds that being called skinny is not really body shaming. Which it absolutely is. Instead of giggling and blushing when told "wow you are so skinny", tell the person who said that, skinny denotes one is malnourished, and that isn't a compliment. In any language. Instead of taking fat as an insult and skinny as a compliment, can we all please factor in the health part of it all and not just the vanity?!

4. Compromise in a Sexist Environment
This holds especially true in an office setting, as well as many times in a familial setting. You shouldn't be paid less than your male colleague if you are working the same amount, you shouldn't be married off just because you are a girl of a certain age, and you most definitely shouldn't be discriminated over gender. Fight it out. Like we said, don't settle for anything less than what you feel you deserve.

5. Apologize for Ambition
If you want to reach for the stars, you will reach there. If you want to chill on the ground instead, that's okay too. Nothing you want to do should be a problem unless you think so. If you want to be a neurosurgeon, an astronaut, a war correspondent - world is your oyster and you don't have to be sorry for wanting to be those things and being on a path so you achieve the same.


6. Restrict Your Wardrobe
Most importantly, your clothes only reflect your personality, never your character. Just like a man's sartorial choices are just that, it's the same for women. Wear your poofiest gown, or your trendiest skirt, or your most wonderful saree, your choice of clothes is just another addition to your fantastic self. Nothing less nothing more.


7. Pull Each Other Down
This is one of the most tragic things that happen, especially between female acquaintances. You all have a lot of problems anyway that you go to a level of pointing each other's weaknesses out. Be a strength to your girl friends, not a party pooper who is critical and cynical!


8. Not Speak Up
Never let anyone patronizingly ask you to be quiet, or calm down, or be too sensitive. If you are hurt, or angry, or irritated -let the person know how you feel. Your voice and words are most important and no one can curtail that! Raise your concerns, and talk about them, be at it till it isn't resolved, and trust us, you will feel so relieved on

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