8 Things You Shouldn't Do At Weddings

Sruthi Ramanarayanan | July 17, 2017 13:33 IST

A wedding is the complete experience. It is an invitation to a night of extravaganza and hard core partying, save the actual event itself. But we tend to get carried away by all the celebrations and music and food that we forget the true purpose of the invitation. Here are 8 things that you must avoid doing at weddings, as a guest:

1. Dress to the nines, but don't outshine the stellar couple
You might LOVE weddings but that is no excuse to over-dress. Sure, have a good time shopping for that glamorous outfit but save the best for your own wedding! Don't want to crash someone else's party. Besides, the bride might punch you! Also, don't dress too casual! You have a reputation to maintain!



2. Respect the venue
Unless you are the President of Everything, you don't have the audacity to litter and sabotage the aestheticism of the venue. Please hunt for those well-displayed dust-bins to throw in your trash. Maintain the overall harmony of the venue so that everyone can have a good time.


3. Put that phone away!
Taking selfies and photographs can be a very prominent activity during the wedding receptions and other celebratory affairs. But during the ceremonies, do not be fiddling with your phones. Respect the purpose and meaning of the various religious ceremonies. Unless you're he priest who needs to read his mantras digitally, you don't need that phone in your hand!


4. Keep a check on the drinks
The bar is a mighty-queued place during a wedding. Free drinks! Who wouldn't want to load up! So sure, go ahead and use your passport to the land of free drinks! But just keep in mind that it's not your party; not your place! Ergo, keep a check on the number of drinks you binge on. Don't be the drunkard of the day.


5. Be wary around kids
Sure it's your time to go wild but there's a whole other bunch that goes bonkers too. While the adults party, the kids are on the loose. And you know kids. They can literally bring the house down unanimously. Hence, keep an eye on that particular group who roam like free birdies. But also, be wary of them!


6. Tame the foodie monster in you
The sole purpose of your visit may be for the food. Even if it isn't, we know that's where your mind lingers to from time to time. After the long wait, all you'd want to do is satisfy your salivating soul. But beware! Don't go all out and unleash your foodie monster! You want to be at work the next day. Trust me. Oh. And go light on the appetizers if you want to enjoy the dessert!


7. Control your emotions
That extra drink might force out tears from your eyes. But unless they're happy tears, keep them under control. You don't want to be a party-pooper. You especially don't want to be the one to set off the bride!


8. Don't steal décor
The beautiful bouquets and the expensive china may dazzle you to the core. But do not take that as encouragement to sneak some out. Any china you hold in your hand should be a gift and not a steal! Don't be a cheapskate!


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