8 Times Bollywood Got Women Empowerment Right

Shiralie Chaturvedi | March 03, 2017 18:05 IST

Even though Bollywood is run amass basically by male actors, their characters, so on so forth, some movies have really challenged that normative and brought forward women characters who have not only empowered story arcs but also dismiss the 'damsel in distress' phenomenon. These women aren't just the romantic interests, or just there to sit pretty.

1. Fiza- Fiza
One of Karishma Kapoor's best performances to date, her character Fiza was a force to reckon with. Taking the responsibility of her entire households - emotionally and financially- without losing hope or faith was an unprecedented character arc. All the while fighting for justice for her brother, she challenged no less than the nexus between politicians and criminals.

2. Dil Dhadakne Do - Ayesha
The headstrong, stunning, ambitious character that Priyanka Chopra played to perfection was an eye opener for many! For someone born with a silver spoon, to choose the difficult path of relentless hard-work while dealing with marital difficulties and striving to sustain an independent identity.

3. Piku - Piku
Most movies always focus on the son of the family taking upon himself the entire duty of the well-being of parents, and thus Deepika Padukone's character in Piku was refreshing. Managing a career, the household, and heeding to every bit of her father's concern really was a great example for so many girls who debunk the theory of the son being the more dependable child!

4. Chak De- Indian Women's Hockey Team
Every character in this movie, primarily the hockey players, were so nuanced in their independence and their grit - we had to keep the whole team here! From moving away from a powerful fiancé's shadow to shedding the good daughter-in-law image, the women in this movie break every stereotype. And how.

5. Queen - Rani
Going to her honeymoon alone. Check. Backpacking across Europe. Check. Befriending strangers. Check. Being totally on her own and winning at it. Check. Check. Kangana Ranaut's Rani should be every young girl's ideal and with good reason. She went into completely unchartered territory and won it over.

6. Astitva - Aditi
Tabu's acting prowess is exceptional, and everyone knows that. But her portrayal of Aditi was spellbinding. A woman who survived an extremely patriarchal family set-up wanted to carve her own identity and struggled through it all, finally coming up as victorious. Aditi crumples gender biases with such finesse you can't help but applaud her.

7. Swades - Gita
How rarely do you see a girl confronting any and all with unbridled knowledge of political affairs? Gayatri Joshi's Gita was not only an educated girl but also a very aware and together girl. From rejecting dowry demands to standing true to her patriotism, her character was flawless and holistic in its attributes.

8. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna - Rhea
Last but not the least, Preity Zinta's character of Rhea brought to light the plight of so many working women who have to handle both their homes and their offices. Rhea fought against a patronizing husband, and his insecurities without falling into victimhood. It is a perfect portrayal of what most professionally independent women who are also married, go through on a daily basis

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