8 Tips To Be Fashion Royalty

Ambika Anand | August 29, 2017 16:40 IST

1. Shamelessly arrive everywhere whether it's a launch party or a fashion-do, even and especially when you are not invited. And then act like you belong. You need to be seen often enough till people could swear that you are a fashion insider!



2. Court people from PR firms for fashion show passes, and be super nice to them as they are usually the ones who are responsible to get you in to some unimaginable gigs!

3. Remember to be active on social media, and like the images of everyone considered hot and important. Keep commenting positively and tagging- because there is really nothing more important that positive digital communication skills.


4. Strive to upload a selfie at least bi-monthly, with a well-known influencer.

5. Name drop till you actually are on that persons' speed dial.

6. Polish your wit and let your inner diva shine. But do remember you need to possess some intelligence, poise and fashion/style perspective as eventually people will read through you!

7. Make sure you have bought enough impressive number of followers on Instagram so that when people check out your profile, they are suitably intrigued. So always be available to network and keep your content fresh!

8. Lastly, if you reach any half respecting list of influencers and are offered a job by a fashion magazine make sure you accept it. Because at the end of the day if a fashion magazine says you are a fashion insider, then who can refute!



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