8 Unconventional Chocolate Flavours Everyone Must Try

Sejal Mehra | June 29, 2017 16:13 IST

Chocolate is something everyone loves. But isn't plain chocolate getting a little too much? Maybe you should try these unusual and unconventional chocolate flavours from around the world and give a twist to the plain old chocolate!

1. Chilli Chocolate
This unique chocolate is something you should definitely try! It is an age old combination of sophisticated dark chocolate and exciting red chilli. It is enjoyed with equally spicy and a warm cup coffee. So make the most of this rainy season as you snuggle up and enjoy this treat.


bitter sweet sting ring #stingring #chillichocolate

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2. Ginger Chocolate
Ginger is good for the throat so now you will have an excuse to eat chocolate whenever you are ill. Sore throat or not, ginger flavoured chocolate is something you should not skip. If you like gingerbread, this is something you are going to love.


Ginger and spice never tasted so nice. #GingerStack #chocolatecoveredginger #gingerchocolate

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3. Green Tea Chocolate
Japan took its green tea love to another level by infusing it with white chocolate and creating matcha green tea flavoured Kit-Kat. Get your daily dose of healthy green tea by biting into this delicious Japanese chocolate!


I finally found some Green Tea KitKat bars!! They taste great! #GreenTeaKitKat #KitKat #Japan

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4. Chai Chocolate
Everyone loves chai and everyone loves chocolate. Imagine if the two were combined. This masterpiece is a mixture of tea spices, ginger crystals and milk chocolate. Enjoy the approaching monsoon with this flavoursome chocolate.

5. Bacon Chocolate
Everybody knows what a perfect breakfast is - eggs and bacon chocolate! Yes you read that right. It might sound weird at first but as soon as you take the first bite, you realise that the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the chocolate is a match made in heaven!


The bacon means it's breakfast. #baconchocolate #yolo #chuaochocolatier

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6. Cucumber Vodka Mint Chocolate
What will you do when it is really hot but too early in the morning to head to the bar for a mojito? You eat it! This one is completely preservative free. It is filled with cucumber puree, vodka and mint in white chocolate ganache covered with dark chocolate.



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7. Salt Chocolate
Salty crystals mixed with dark chocolate are something you should not miss out on. There are various flavours you can go for like Alderwood smoked salt bars and Himalayan pink salt bars. This is a unique experience you ought to try at least once!

8. Cheese Chocolate
Cheese and chocolate - the two of the most divine foods mankind has ever witnessed. It contains 58% Gouda Cheese and milk chocolate, giving it a sweet, smoky and salty flavour of something that melts instantly in the mouth.


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