9 Iconic Styles Of Bollywood Men That Became An Overnight Rage

Bhavya Jha | June 09, 2017 16:08 IST

Be it men's or women's fashion, Bollywood trends have always trickled down to the streets. Our dads have been its followers in their times and so are the men of the current generation. From the LED jackets, all whites, to fitted t-shirts and breezy bright sheer shirts, many trends have come and gone ever since and B-town celebs continue to be the fashion innovators and motivators for us. And here we talk about all those crazy trends that took over the men's fashion scene!

1. Bell Bottoms- Amitabh Bachchan
Haven't we all awe aspiringly stared at our dads' old photograph in those tailored bell-bottoms and hair covering their ears! Well, did you think you're the only one who followed Bollywood fashion? This big-B style was hands-down the BIGGEST trend of its time!2. Neckerchief- Feroz Khan
Printed neckerchiefs became the new bow tie, owing its popularity to Feroz Khan. Shirts unbuttoned from top, complementary suits and bright printed neckerchief, this trend was quite ahead of its time we must say.


3. All White- Jeetendra
Well only the most daring of them all would sport this one because aside from being a bold fashion move, it was very high-maintenance. But this spic and span all white ensemble was quite a rage after Jeetendra's superhits in the 80s.


4. Metallics- Mithun Chakraborty
Another crazy trend that came up in the disco era of 80s were the metallics! Covered in some crazy amount of bling and shining from top to bottom was the FAD of the time. It's quite a visual treat to see these looks of Mithun Da now.


5. Mohabattein Sweater- Shahrukh Khan
Yet another time, the king of romance inspired all the young lovers with his character as well as style. Polo sweaters hung on shoulders and that charming smile and eyes brimming with pain, it was a package that Shahrukh put together!


6. Rimless Glasses- Hrithik Roshan
The humble good boy look of Hrithik Roshan from his debut days seized a lot of fan following. Sometime before the full-framed geeky look, these rimless glasses were the sweetest way to look trendy for men.


7. Goatee- Amir Khan


Well do we even need to say anything about this one! After the clean shaved good boy look, the fun loving boy next door became the next IT look. College students to working men, everyone seemed to be adding a little fun element to their looks with a goatee.


8. Tere Naam Hairstyle- Salman Khan
This roadside Romeo look of Sallu bhai was emulated by young boys in every gali-nukkad of India. Gelled, middle parted hair with fringes curling over the forehead wasn't the most appealing sight but was a rage nonetheless.


9. Rockstar Rebel Look- Ranbir Kapoor
Harems with coats and shirts, untrimmed hair and beard, this character evoked some serious emotions in the Indian youth. Men's streetstyle got a new definition where carefree was the new dapper!


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