9 Indian Dinners To Better Your Protein Intake

Lubna Fatima | November 24, 2017 17:35 IST

Protein being a macronutrient is a vital component to maintain a healthy body. We can go on and on about the health benefits of protein from being the component which is present in every cell in your body to helping your body to build muscles.

When it comes to protein rich diet we only talk about high protein continental food and often forget about our Indian dishes. Indian dishes are equally rich in protein; incorporate them with your meals to maintain a healthy body. To solve your problem, we bring you Indian dinner options to better your protein intake!

1- Chickpeas Tikka Masala

Chickpeas are a good source of protein and including them in your diet will not only increase your protein intake but also you get delicious food. Each cup of chickpeas provides 12 grams of protein; add Indian spices onion and tomatoes to make the dish even more amazing.


2- Soya Chop

For all the vegetarians out there, if you are watching out for a meal rich in protein then Soya Chop is your answer. You can go for Soya Chop sticks or curry that's your choice but what you will get is a tasty and healthy dinner dish.


3- Mixed Dal/ Lentils

Did you know that our very own Dal is a good source of protein? Give your taste buds a tadka with Mixed Dal/Lentils; this high protein nourishing food will give your health a boost and your taste buds a much needed Indian flavour.


4- Chicken Curry

Chicken is one of the class high protein food which is a must have in your diet. If you are bored of baked chicken or its bland taste then add Indian flavour to your chicken. Chicken curry gives you the nutritional value of protein and the curry provides you with rich Indian flavours making it a perfect amalgamation of healthy food and delightful taste.


5- Palak Paneer

We don't even have to ask who loves Paneer; it is one of the most loved Indian foods. Paneer or Indian cottage cheese and spinach both are food rich in nutrients and combination of Paneer and Palak gives you the right amount of nutrition and Paneer. Serve your lip smacking palak paneer with hot chapatti's and give yourself a treat with this high in protein food.


6- Egg Curry

If there is one food loaded with protein then it has to be our very old friend resting in your refrigerators: Eggs. This dish is your go to option, after a busy day Egg curry is what you need to complete your daily protein intake.


7- Dosa

What if we tell you that you can follow a protein rich diet and you don't even have to miss out delicious Indian food? Your saviour is Dosa then. Dosa is a complete package of protein and healthy nutritious food with equally delicious taste. If you are bored of your regular dosa then add carrot, paneer or oats into the batter to enhance its taste.


8- Black Eyed Pea Salad

This super easy to make and delicious salad packed with loads of protein is a good option to maintain your protein level. You can add cucumber, tomatoes and chicken with the salad to maintain a balance between taste and nourishment.



9- Sarson ka Saag

As our favourite season is on the verge of knocking doors we bring you a winter speciality: Sarson ka Saag. Combination of spinach and mustard leaves, Sarson ka Saag with its satiating flavour is also a good source of protein. Now you know what to have for dinner to increase your protein intake and to satisfy your taste buds.



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