9 Indulging Experiences To Share With Your BFF Before She Gets Married

Radhika Saini | October 13, 2017 17:35 IST

Your best friend's wedding is all set to be the event of the year! You are excited, feeling responsible (a bestie has duties to perform) and you are over the moon for her. But there is that tinge of sadness because your best friend who you did everything silly with is now moving away and the centre of her universe will be her man. What can you do to make the most of your time with her before she gets married? Here are 9 experiences to share.

1) A Short Vacation
This tops our list because not only does a mini vacay give you more time with one another, but it also acts as a stress buster, what with all those wedding preps to be handled. Head to the calming mountains or sunny beaches and play outright girly!



2) Spend 24 Hours Together
The next best thing to a vacation is spending an entire day with your best friend, especially if both of you have busy work schedules. Put those phones aside and spend 24 hours together and talking about life, relationships, career; go catch a movie or two and a dinner thereafter and end the day by telling her how much she means to you.


3) Sleepover
You are never too old to put on your pjs, dim the lights a bit, devour popcorn and ice cream in the same go and gossip and any and everything (or everyone) in the world... for gossip between besties is the best thing on earth!


4) Shopping Spree
A shopping date in which you unburden your purses by splurging on clothes, shoes, accessories, home décor, etc. is what best friends do together. Make it productive by helping her out with her wedding shopping or better still, help her set up her new home.


5) Revisiting the Memory Lane
To give your moments spent together a more emotional value, you can plan out a day where you walk down memory lane. It could be things like visiting your school/college campus, looking at your old pictures, watching your all-time favourite movie for the hundredth time, sitting at your favourite spot in the city and watching the chaos around you, while sipping chai. The simplest things are sometimes the best treat.


6) Spa Treatment
Unwinding and spending some time at the spa getting pampered would be a dream for any bride and her chief assistant (A.K.A you- the best friend). Getting away from all the stress of planning the wedding, treat yourself to a full body massage top it up with a manicure, pedicure and all the other beauty essentials women love and have a great shared experience.


7) Cooking
The most pocket-friendly way to spend time together can be by cooking each other's favourite meals at home and enjoying a hearty dinner over a chatty conversation.


8) Join a class together
Signing up for classes like ballroom dancing, yoga, painting, etc together is a fun way to be together, all the while learning something new. Make it worth your while and choose a physical activity. Not only does it make for fun bonding but will ensure you stay in shape to fit pretty wedding dresses.


9) Portraits, matching tattoos

This might sound like a clichéd, but if you don't have matching tattoos with your best friend, then who else would you have it with? Okay perhaps your hubby to be is a better idea. So if you are not up for something as serious as a tattoo, an easier and definitely less painful thing to do is get a professional photo shoot done just for the two of you, another memory to cherish forever!



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