9 On Screen Mother-Daughter Pairs That Are Worth Your Time

Shiralie Chaturvedi | May 22, 2017 12:04 IST

Bollywood has forever glamourized and paid overt attention to the relationship between a mother and a son. The sacrifices, the toil, the love, the longing is all detailed in an elaborate saga which makes us believe in the unconditional love of a family; but what is lost is that interesting tale of love shared between a daughter and a mother. A mother, for her daughter, is her first best friend, her first fashion idol, her first confidante. And this is one facet that is often missing in Bollywood movies.

But we have rounded up 9 movies that bring to light this beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter.

1. Neerja  
Okay we agree we had to really concentrate on the acting nuances between all the tears we shed during the course of this movie. But the performance of veteran actress, and all over brilliant performer Shabana Azmi was nothing short of powerful. Her support for her daughter, her faith in her daughter's well-being, and ultimately her resignation to fate; it was all performed with such grace. Bonus points to Sonam Kapoor for portraying the role of Neerja Bhanot to really ride this character home.


2. Nil Battey Sannata  
If one needs to see how deep-rooted progression and evolution can be, they need to watch this movie. With Swara Bhasker playing the role of a mother who works as a maid, trying to instill values and importance of education in her daughter, this movie gives us hope but also makes us think deep about how children pick up on so much from their surroundings. The relationship of the mother-daughter is relatable, real, and above all compelling.


3. Zubeidaa
Its one thing to tolerate your husband's mistress, but it is a completely different thing to compromise with the knowledge of your daughter mingling with said mistress. But Surekha Sikri performed this role with unmatched class. As a sacrificial wife, to a disciplinarian mother, to an irritable but loving grandmother -her role in the movie reached across several layers. But her relationship with Karishma Kapoor's Zubeidaa was powerful and vulnerable at the same time. This is definitely a top one on our list.

4. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam 
Smita Jaykar plays the mom we mostly find in Bollywood movies. The one who abides by the father's discipline tactics and fear, but despite everything comes across as the champion for her daughter's aide. Helping her cope up with her forced break up with her boyfriend to convincing her to move on and marry -she plays the adoring mother who has to fight the balance right between affection and traditional values.


5. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge 
Much like the above movies, this one also had a mother caught between the damned crossfire with one side of love and the other of values and pride; however Farida Jalal's character actually was such a force of support to Kajol's character that she was ready and aid and abet her elopement. Talk about subtle empowerment!


6. Kal Ho Na Ho 
Jaya Bachchan rarely comes on the big screen now, but one glance at her character in Kal Ho Na Ho, and you can easily gauge the extent of her craft. Playing a catholic Jenny married into a Punjabi family based in New York, the details in her character are aplenty and she is fantastic with each layer that is peeled off. Her role as a doting mother to not only her own children but also to an illegitimate child was something unheard of, and extremely comforting to see on the big screen.


7. Amu  
This is one of the more complex stories of a mother-daughter relationship and unpredictably set against a political background. It's such a comprehensive tale that amidst all the plot devices you miss the actual storyline of a mother trying to shelter her daughter from a grim past. If that's in her interest or not is something we get to know later, but till then this makes for a powerful tale.


8. Margarita with A Straw  
The challenges and pitfalls that come with being a mother are never-ending but they are compounded when it is with regards to a child with special needs; and how the mother sees the child grow into an individual with her own idea of independence and identity. Revathi plays the mother of an eccentric, eclectic daughter played by Kalki who keeps her on her toes constantly but also forges a fantastic bond of friendship -one that is indubitable.


9. Listen Amaya  
Tackling insecurity in a completely new light, this movie traces the relationship between a daughter and mother, played to perfection by Deepti Naval and Swara Bhasker, when the single mother decides to pursue a romantic relationship. What we see is a daughter grappling with this in the most aggressive and confused way. The narrative is sensitive, sad, and sometimes dark -making this a great watch.


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