9 Signs That He Is Not The One

Bhavya Jha | February 24, 2017 12:43 IST

Every new romantic encounter brings along a whole new set of experiences and lessons. And considering how emotional most women are, things get a little more complicated. We don't realize when the new person begins to matter so much and becomes a significant part of our lives. But there's a difference between being emotionally involved and being foolishly involved.

So if you're observing these 9 signs, it's time you move on from him. It may look like your worst decision ever but it'll only be for the best.

1. He's Only Prioritizing His Needs
The amount of time he spends with you is mostly according to his convenience. Those parties with his buddies, that meeting in his office, or that get together at his cousins; something is always lined up to keep him busy! Most of your conversations revolve around his plans, job, preferences and you just sit there patiently listening and satisfying yourself with the undivided attention you don't get every so often.

2. He Keeps You Waiting
Does he always take too long to reciprocate but unfailingly has an excuse for every time he kept you waiting? Let's admit that keeping you informed in the moment won't take more than a few seconds. They leave you in a bubble of uncertainty to wonder and assume on your own instead. More often than not this leads to a significant cycle of denial, which eventually gets hold of you at your most blindsided self.

3. His Words Are Inconsistent With His Actions
It's truly said that words don't cost you anything. It takes very little effort to just utter the right words at the right time. You find him occasionally showering you with sweet nothings and you relax in the comfort of the moment. But how much of it really matches his actions? Is he making enough efforts to make you feel loved without you having to ask for it? No matter how much you undermine the importance of these little gestures, you know that it makes a world of difference.

4. He Is Erratic
There are days when he's your knight in shining armour but is completely indifferent the next day. This is a sign that he's unsure about the relationship to begin with. The days that he just chooses to not exist for you are probably when he's having second thoughts he has about having you in his life. He constantly contradicts himself, talks in loops or simply brushes the issue off and assures you that everything is fine when you try to confront him.

5. He Is Unpredictable
There are so many things you wish to tell them, so many moments or thoughts you wish to share, but you either don't know when the right time is or you are completely unsure how they'll react to it. This doesn't only denote a lack of conversation, but understanding too. You're unaware of their whereabouts, moods, or the details of their personality on a whole!

6. He Is Never There For You
Everyone needs emotional support when they're low or someone to share their happiness with. You're always looking out for that person in people other than him. Amidst all the uncertainty and unawareness, you take the first hand that reaches out to you and find comfort somewhere else. But the problem is more aggravated than you think if this is becoming a pattern and he's consistently never there for you, even for a comforting call after a tough day at work.

7. He Doesn't Learn From His Mistakes
You're almost always hurt and it only takes one sweet sentence from them to get you back to being normal. You expect them to not repeat the same, only to be disappointed in ways you never imagined. You're raging one moment but almost ALWAYS forgive them the next without them really trying to make an effort. It's nothing but a sign that you've adjusted yourself in this discomfort and he's taking you for granted.

8. He Is Taking Control
His mood, presence, absence, opinions, almost everything about him reflects in your mood. He continually complains about your behaviour, choices, thoughts, actions and tries to change them according to what he things is right. He's actually keeping you from growing as an individual even if he doesn't mean to and it's time you REALLY need to move on.

9. You Find Yourself Justifying All Of This
It starts with forgiving with a little effort, but soon becomes a habit. The regular excuses get planted in your head and you begin to justify his actions yourself. You don't even feel angry anymore thinking there must have been some reason leading to this action. You stop questioning them or demanding the time that you very well deserve. All the things that were once unjustified and demanded an explanation become as normal as an everyday routine for you.

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