9 Thoughts Every Vegetarian Has While Ordering Biryani

Lubna Fatima | September 15, 2017 14:35 IST

You don't eat BIRYANI? How could you not want to eat biryani? There is no such thing as vegetable biryani...that's pulao. If you are a vegetarian then I am sure you must have been tortured and judged for your food choices andl we have summarized 9 thoughts which every vegetarian has while ordering biryani.

1- Yes, I am a vegetarian who doesn't eat non veg biryani. Stop with all the bullying now.



2- Is it okay for us to say that Veg Biryani is Biryani and not Pulao? Is it even legally right to call Veg Biryani a biryani?! Why yes it is!


3- It's just biryani there is nothing to get emotional about. Stop with all the over enthusiastic love for it.


4- Oh great, now they are going to eat that whole chicken leg.


5- Why am I even friends with non veg biryani lovers?


6- Wow, we are splitting the bill! Now I have to pay more. Damn why does non-veg biryani always costs that much more!


7- Should I try eating Chicken Biryani? Just wondering what is all the hype about.


8- Here comes the biryani hashtags "Foodgasm". Eating a plate biryani doesn't make you a food critic. So just chill.


9- My veg biryani is healthier than non veg one! I am more health conscious and I can feel those abs forming already.


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