9 Travel Friendly Gadgets

Roobina Mongia | April 21, 2016 13:29 IST

We love to travel. Correction - We love to travel in style. So, pack all that's fabulous in your wardrobe and include your tech too.  While many would argue a vacation equals detox, we say give these nine travel friendly gadgets a shot this summer!

Portable Fan
If you plan to trek, this super cute accessory from is guaranteed to make your trek a bit easier. This portable gadget will not only act as a torch, but will also dry that sweat away in no time. Did we mention, it would only cost you Rs.200? How cool is that!

Quirky Headphones
Fact - A good trip gets great when you got fun music. So, no matter where you are headed this summer, carry a pair of earphones that will make your trip far more exciting and will keep on you on the go without getting bored! Our advice, keep it light!

Waterproof phone covers
This one is for the beach babies. If you plan to lie around on the beach all day, we suggest you carry a waterproof case for you phone. Better safe than sorry, if you don't want to invest in one - recycle. Use an old plastic bag and make your travel easier!

Combining work and pleasure this summer is the way to go! It is best to trade in your laptop for a tablet. Tablets equipped with a keyboard is perfect for travelling purposes if you don't want to carry the burden of a laptop. It's lighter, easy to carry, and perfect for catching up on your backlog shows and movies.

Polaroid Camera
If you thought these types of camera were not in use anymore, think again. A Polaroid comes in handy for all postcard pictures clicks to send back home. Better yet, to give photos to the new friends you made along the way.  Plus it gives such a vintage tinge to pictures! Very pretty and very unique.

Fitness band
If you are into fitness, my guess is that you already have one of these. But for those who have been dabbling with the idea buying it for a vacation, this is a fun way to start with this piece of tech. Why? Because you would be walking, walking to shop, walking while you go for some sightseeing. Added bonus- the steps on the band will give you he satisfaction of doing something for your fitness and will surely put a smile on your face.

Smartphone with memory
The one thing we can't deal with is running out of memory on a vacation. Just when we want to click a picture, your phone screen flashes "memory full." Make sure your smartphone has enough memory for photos, videos and music. Carry an extra memory card in case you run out of the one you were using before to capture all the wonderful moments from your trip!

Bluetooth portable speaker
A vacation is just not complete without one! This has been one of our constant on the go gadgets. An easy way to share music with friends, take it to the beach or just crank up the volume in your hotel room and turn it into a private party! Portable speakers are handy and are fun too!

Selfie stick
Selfie sticks are the most convenient way to take pictures! You don't have to struggle to find the right button or to get a good angle. And the best part? You can even capture moments with your loved one without having to worry about someone else not being a part of the frame. So, don't forget this one, especially for your beach-holidays!

Power Bank
It is just smart to carry one to avoid running out of battery! On situations when you want to make a call, use maps of even take a picture, running out of battery at the nick of the moment really does suck. So, when you are travelling with other gadgets, a power bank is a must have!

There you are! Pick, plan and pack your gadgets wisely for an unforgettable vacation!

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