Be Summer Ready for Your Beachy Vacation

Bhavya Jha | April 21, 2017 13:07 IST

As soon as we plan a trip to the beaches, we can't hold back the excitement! We are constantly preparing a check list in the back of our heads especially if it's a summer holiday. We don't want to incur beauty damages due to the vacation, but also want to look our glamorous best. Well, we've got these 6 measures that'll have you covered for that much awaited beachy vacay!

1. Beach Nails (clear nail paint)
Ladies, sorry to break it to you, but you really need to trim your nails before you step out for your beachy vacation. Just file them neat and short, dip them into lukewarm water and lemon juice and apply a moisturizing lotion. DO NOT apply dark coloured nail-paint because they're bound to chip. Use a clear nail paint instead to protect them from the sun and it doesn't even show much if they chip!


2. Tone Your Body
Avoid foods that bloat you instead of filling you up. Chew on something juicy like a papaya instead of broccoli or beans. Also try to slip into a work-out schedule before you have your vacations planned. You won't suddenly get subjected to sweating this way and will also have your body toned.


3. Buy That Swimsuit!
Have your sights set on that sexy swimsuit? Go ahead and buy it. You tend to feel good about yourself when you're wearing the clothes you love. Pair it with a beautiful sarong, bask in the glorious Sun and shine through your beachy vacation!


4. Pack Your Beach Bag And Leave!
Have a check list ready before you finally step out. Sunscreen, scarf, hat, flip flops, sun-glasses, body mist, have it all kept in a jute bag? You're all set!


5. Layer Your Sunscreen
The cliche that we're all aware of is applying your sunscreen EVRYWHERE (including eyebrows btw). But did you know your skin needs more than a generous amount of SPF to protect it in summer. Apply a layer of an anti-oxidant cream to prevent the free-radical damage.


6. Mid- Textured Hair
Don't bother so much about your hair looking all glamorous on your beachy vacation. Trust us it won't. But that's the beauty of it. Let your hair air dry after you've applied sunblock serum after washing them and you won't need to worry about the damage. Try some fun accessories like a straw hat or braided strings to keep your locks in place.

textured hair


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