Challenge Your Guts To Taste These Bizarre Foods Of India

Shiralie Chaturvedi | January 12, 2017 13:35 IST

There are scores of articles on the internet that encourage all of us get up and out from our mundane routine lives and do something completely out of the box and crazy. Well we have decided to take it one step further -how about travelling to experience the bizarre? And no, not to far off exotic and expensive corners of the world -but to hide-outs in our own country!

1. Haldi Ka Halwa: Makar Sakranti: Gujarat, Rajasthan
Makar Sankranti is one of the most popular festivals in West India and aside from Gujiya, one food that makes the cut as being quintessential and a favourite is Haldi Ka Halwa! It's slightly on the rustic palette but nonetheless extremely bizarre and experimental.


2. Black Rice: Kerala, Manipur, North Bengal
This has got the exotic Japanese feel to it that makes it not only interesting but also is regarded as one of the most happening super foods right now. It is highly popular in Manipur, and is a staple that is present at all their festivities and celebrations.


3. Nakham: Meghalaya, Goa
Fish prepared in distilled ashes? Yum? Maybe. Unusual? Yes! This is a delicacy that is quite popular in the Garo tribe of Meghalaya. We urge you to try it, but we can't really insist upon you to like it!


4. Red Aunt Chutney: Chattisgarh
Chapura chutney is an essential condiment to the Bastar area, and why wouldn't it be -it is both to enhance your taste and also provide medicinal relief. Of course that is after you are okay with the fact that it is made out of red ants!

red aunt

5. Garlic Kheer: Himachal Pradesh
Garlic in kheer? Sounds dubious - but trust us, it is an absolute delight to our taste buds! Popular around Kangra, this dish is a mix of savoury and sweet like nothing else you will ever taste!


6. Frog Legs: Sikkim
Of distinguished medicinal properties especially to relieve you off stomach related ailments, frog legs are exceedingly popular in Sikkim. And unfortunately, they are exactly how they sound -legs of frog. So enjoy this, and have it like a medicine if you really dislike the taste.


frog legs

7. Bhang Pakore: Uttar Pradesh
Of course this is popular in Uttar Pradesh, and of course you can eat it in Varanasi during Holi, and of course it's a widely made snack during spring in your homes. With mild bhang seed, this is a yum dish but make sure to not overdo it!


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